Colour Voting 2018

Last year, we once again showed our keen sense for trends of the future with the coloured cupit collection. Therefore, we are expanding our to-go-cup-collection by adding new colours. And we would like to choose the colours with you! So we need your voice.

Which colour do you like to see on your cupit 2018?

Make your choice – until 31st october 2017. Choose between Pine Forest, Wild Honey, Dark Cherry and Fresh Herbs.

We are looking forward to a colourful journey with you.

cupit Colour Voting 2018, KAHLA Porzellan

Pick your colour of choice and vote.

Vote until 31. October 2017.

  • Pine Forest
  • Wild Honey
  • Dark Cherry
  • Fresh Herbs

Ich bin Karla, die
"Pro Öko"-Botschafterin
von KAHLA. Ich berichte
hier, was meine mensch-
lichen Kollegen für ein
Ambiente tun.
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