The non-profit Günther Raithel Foundation - Educational Initiative KAHLA-Kreativ sees itself as providing creative momentum for young talent. The foundation is dedicated to the advancement of education, culture, science and research related to porcelain and similar materials. Its work focuses on the "KAHLA-Kreativ" project, which promotes young ceramists, designers, artists and students. In workshops, creative talents have the opportunity to explore new ways of porcelain production and porcelain design whereby updating this cultural skill through innovative approaches.

Board of Directors:
Günther Raithel, Founder
Rositta Raithel
Holger Raithel

KAHLA-Kreativ, Günther Raithel Foundation, Kahla Porcelain

Call for tender KAHLA-Kreativ 2018

++ Call for tender/application completed ++

7th International Porcelain Workshop
11th June –  6th July 2018 in Kahla

Tasting Tomorrow – Porcelain, Cuisine and Bauhaus

"Porcelain and food have an almost symbiotic relationship: the former serves as a vessel, stage or inspiration for the latter; and their textures, development process and processing methods, and finally their transformation through heat or fire are similar.

Tasting Tomorrow, the 7th International Porcelain Workshop KAHLA-Kreativ, aims to be a platform for the experimental work with porcelain in the context of exploring food. One year before the Bauhaus celebrates its 100th anniversary, the workshop seeks to develop new ways of linking cooking and eating to work and life and the objects it requires – just like it was done at this institution."
(Prof. Barbara Schmidt)

Designers, ceramists and visual artists from various cultural backgrounds will have the opportunity to explore the creative potential of porcelain material. In an interdisciplinary cooperative effort, new ways for the creative and innovative work with porcelain shall be found, also and especially by experimenting with combining porcelain and other materials. Over the course of four weeks, this creative process shall result in design-oriented and artistically free works of art. Working in close proximity of the production facilities at KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH will inspire the creative process.

All informations at www.kahlakreativ.com »

KAHLA-Kreativ 2018, Ausschreibung, Call for tender
Günther Raithel Stiftung – KAHLA Kreativ, Porzellanworkshop, porcelain workshop

6th International Porcelain Workshop "WANDELLUST" in Kahla

After four creative and productive weeks, the 6th International Porcelain Workshop "KAHLA-Kreativ" celebrated its grand finale on July 10, 2015. As part of the "FORUM", Holger Raithel, Managing Partner of KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH welcomed guests from the world of politics, art and media.

The four-week long workshop represented a challenging time frame for the participants for the realisation of their ideas. "KAHLA-Kreativ was a treasure trove for me. I gained a lot of experience about how to work with porcelain. Unfortunately this productive and prolific time came to an end too soon", says Alena A. Waggershauser (a student of Industrial Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design [Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart]).

After the workshop, selected exhibits have shown in a travelling exhibition tour: the first stop was the Bröhan Museum in Berlin in September 2015. In April 2016 the tour stopped at the Porzellanikon in Selb. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue.

Detailed information about the workshop are available at www.kahlakreativ.com.

Günther Raithel Stiftung – KAHLA Kreativ, Porzellanworkshop, porcelain workshop
KAHLA-Kreativ Invitation 6th International Porcelain Workshop
KAHLA-Kreativ Workshop 2015, Porcelain, Porzellan


The 6th International Porcelain Workshop KAHLA Kreativ was sponsored by the Porzellanikon in Selb, the Free State of Thuringia, Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland and Merkurbank.

With the support of these partners, the Günther Raithel Foundation provides a cross-cultural platform for artists and designers. In return, the Foundation has the opportunity to adopt innovations and ideas that result from the workshop.

KAHLA-Kreativ Workshop 2015, Porzellan, Porcelain
KAHLA-Kreativ Workshop 2015, Porcelain, Porzellan
KAHLA-Kreativ Workshop 2015, Porcelain, Porzellan
KAHLA-Kreativ Workshop 2015, Porcelain, Porzellan
KAHLA-Kreativ Workshop 2015, Porcelain, Porzellan
KAHLA-Kreativ, Günther Raithel Foundation, Kahla porcelain - image 3
Table Tales

Table Tales - The way to the heart is through the stomach - Clip Award 2012

KAHLA-Kreativ, Günther Raithel Foundation, Kahla porcelain - image 4

5th International Workshop 2010

additional Missions

In addition, the foundation organises contests, such as the KAHLA Clip Award 2012 short film contest.

Besides exhibitions, it also organises and supports scientific symposiums and other educational events. In addition, the foundation awards research grants and foreign exchange scholarships to further the advancement of young designers.

Another focus is the scientific examination of the history of Thuringian porcelain, in particular porcelain from KAHLA.


KAHLA-Kreativ, Günther Raithel Foundation, Kahla porcelain - image 5
KAHLA-Kreativ Exhibition

 GRASSI Museum Leipzig 2010

KAHLA kreativ, Günther Raithel Foundation, Kahla porcelain - Image 2
20 Hotel Dreams

4th International Design Contest 2006


Championing Modernisation

The foundation owes its name to Günther Raithel who re-founded KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH in 1994. As "VEB Feinkeramik", the company was the centre of the national porcelain industry in the GDR. Shortly after the reunification, it was privatised by the Treuhand trustee company, but filed for bankruptcy already two years later. Raithel accomplished a fresh start for the company through the consistent modernisation of production, product range and marketing. Today KAHLA, under the management of Raithel's son Holger, is one of Germany's most successful porcelain manufacturers.

KAHLA-Kreativ, KAHLA Porzellan, porcelain

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