Café Sommelier 2.0

Design: Barbara Schmidt

In the beginning there was coffee. How to design a cup so the coffee aroma can optimally unfold? What else besides the cup makes for the perfect coffee experience? For her research for Café Sommelier, designer Barbara Schmidt teamed up with small coffee roasters, baristas, equipment manufacturers and other coffee experts.

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Barbara Schmidt, Café Sommelier 2.0 Collection, Kahla Porcelain

„I wanted to design porcelain as a tool to perfect the experience of coffee involving all senses.“
- Barbara Schmidt, internationally distinguished porcelain designer

Café Sommelier 2.0, KAHLA Porcelain
Café Sommelier 2.0, KAHLA Porcelain

Good coffee. You can see it, smell it, taste it. With a beautiful cup you can also feel it. Accompanied by small coffee roasters, baristas and other coffee enthusiasts we delved deeply into the world of coffee in order to learn how to make it a really good beverage. And armed with this knowledge we set out to design the right cups for savouring it.

When developing the cup designs and all their details such as size, wall thickness, rim design, inner shape, handles and the fit on the saucers, designer Barbara Schmidt had only one thing in mind: To artfully design them as tools that best accentuate the aromas and flavours of coffee.

Café Sommelier 2.0 Collection, Kahla Porcelain - Image 2
Café Sommelier Standard, KAHLA Porcelain
Café Sommelier Collection 2.0, Kahla Porcelain - image 3
KAHLA Porcelain, Café Sommelier 2.0


From now on espresso and cappuccino lovers can choose between red, petrol, taupe and chocolate brown.
The décor "Mon Plaisir" by Tine Drefahl adorns the porcelain with delicate illustrations from around the world of coffee.

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