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With cupit, KAHLA offers a cup collection for those who like to enjoy their beverages and snacks anywhere –
whether at the park, at work or at home. Durable and reusable, the cups are a true alternative to disposable products. »

cupit, To Go collection, KAHLA Porcelain, New

Two new décors 'Fable Fleur' and 'Colour Shades' bring a new airiness and liveliness to the table »

Fable Fleur, decor Lisa Keller, KAHLA Porcelain

On Tour

With Magic Grip „On Tour”, KAHLA presents the first porcelain for boats.

Its functional aspects are geared specifically towards the needs of sailors and owners of yachts and motor boats: the innovative Magic Grip coating on the underside of the porcelain makes it slip-resistant and provides plates, cups and bowls with a secure grip also in heavier seas. The special tableware will remain secure and stable on all typical furniture on board – whether it is made of wood, synthetics or other common materials. In addition, it protects delicate, varnished surfaces from scratches, reduces noise and allows the gentle and secure stacking of several pieces on top of each other.

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On Tour collection, non-skid tableware for boats, KAHLA Porcelain

Last year, we once again showed our keen sense for trends of the future with the décor “Wildblume”: in 2017, table culture and table-ware design is all about subtle watercolours and floral patterns. Therefore, we are expanding our bestseller by adding a new spring colour and additional pieces to create a complete retail theme »

Wildblume collection, Design: Lisa Keller, Magic Grip, KAHLA Porcelain

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