Design: Lisa Keller

Cupit is a new concept for an eco-friendly way of enjoying food and drink on the move in the urban setting. The To Go Mug Collection is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It can be used to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice as well as small snacks such as salad, cereal or soup.

Users can create their very own personal favourite from three different mug sizes, one drinking lid and one closed cover in six colours each. Thanks to Magic Grip in the grip zone and as slip-resistant coating, cupit is the perfect companion for people on the move. The designer pieces are manufactured in Germany in compliance with the strictest environmental standards. In short: cupit is made for a generation that is constantly on the move and values environmental responsibility and individuality.

Cupit, Fingerfood and Snacks, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Cupit, To Go Mug Collection, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Cupit To Go Mug Collection, iF Designaward 2017, Designplus, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
New collection 'Cupit', KAHLA Profesional Porcelain
With "Cupit", KAHLA is committed to bringing about a change in awareness into our society, Professional Porcelain
Cupit, To Go Mug Collection for Coffee Shops, Backeries, Cafés, Event, KAHLA Porcelain Professional

Uses for cup

Cupit provides an experience for all the senses. Whether coffee, iced frappé or smoothie: The porcelain cups can be used for cold and hot drinks, and those will taste precisely as they should. Because both, the porcelain and the durable food-safe lid are made in Germany and are completely neutral in taste and odourless.

  • suitable for all coffee drinks (Espresso, Americano, Capuccino, Latte Macchiato, Café au lait)
  • Replaces conventional paper cups in the typical sizes (0.2l - 0.3l - 0.4l)
  • Fully brings out the quality of the coffee beans and coffee machines and male for the perfect coffee experience


    • ergonomically designed lid
    • safe drinking experience; the drinking hole is completely covered by the lips


    • Cups are stackable on the lid and in each other
    • Porcelain cup with ergonomically designed drinking rim
    • suitable for all conventional coffee machines
    • Magic Grip coating for insulation
    • ovenproof up to 180°C
    • Magic Grip silicone foot for secure stand & for protecting delicate surfaces (optional)
    Cupit collection, stackable on the lid and in each other, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
    Cupit To Go mug collection, ergonomically designed lid, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
    Cupit, ecological awareness, sustainability, KAHLA Professional Porcelain

    Cupit is an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional disposable containers, which have become a serious problem for the environment and for communities. According to statistics by the German environmental organisation "Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.", Germans use 320,000 disposable mugs every hour.

    This adds up to almost 3 billion a year, which is an even more concerning number, because the mugs are usually coated with plastic and therefore cannot be recycled with other paper waste

    The time has come for genuine, environmentally-responsible and useful reusable products. With cupit, KAHLA is committed to bringing about a change in awareness into our society.


    Perfect for:

    • bakery chains
    • event catering
    • Coffee Shops
    • breakfast "to go" at hotels
    • coffee catering at workplaces
    • company canteens etc.
    Decoration of printed images according to your CI on request, KAHLA Professional, Artvertising, Porcelain
    Cupit mug in white, KAHLA Professional Porcelain


    Reference Otto Gourmet, Heinsberg, Germany
    Die kleine Kaffeerösterei, Schweinfurt, Germany
    Pflegehinweise Care instruction To Go Becher, Mug, KAHLA Porzellan Porcelain

    As a lifestyle accessory, the cupit To Go mug requires special care. Please closely follow the instructions for washing in the dishwasher and you will continue to enjoy this product for a long time:

    • Exclusively use commercially-available dishwasher powder or tabs which do not contain chlorine.
    • Please be aware that contact with strongly-coloured foods that contain carotene or other pigments (for example tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, blueberries, mustard, balsamic vinegar) can stain the mug and lid through pigmented water in your dishwasher.
    • This discolouration has absolutely no effect on the quality and functionality of the product and disappears once again over time due to the exposure to light and after having been washed a number of times. In order to avoid discolorations, rinse off the colouring foods with clean water prior to placing crockery in the dishwasher.
    • Please place the lid in the dishwasher basket in a way that avoids pressure and tension from other dishes. You will counter possible deformations of the cover as a result.

    You can find further tips under “Care Instruction Magic Grip”.