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On Tour Dekor, Porzellan für Schiff und Boote, KAHLA Porzellan
On Tour mit Magic Grip - Das erste Bootsporzellan von KAHLA

Wind and waves will not interfere anymore with travelling in style at sea: with Magic Grip „On Tour”, KAHLA presents the first porcelain for boats.

Its functional aspects are geared specifically towards the needs of sailors and owners of yachts and motor boats: the innovative Magic Grip coating on the underside of the porcelain makes it slip-resistant and provides plates, cups and bowls with a secure grip also in heavier seas. The special tableware will remain secure and stable on all typical furniture on board – whether it is made of wood, synthetics or other common materials. In addition, it protects delicate, varnished surfaces from scratches, reduces noise and allows the gentle and secure stacking of several pieces on top of each other.

The boat porcelain is stable in the cupboard and you can relax and enjoy your meals at sea in elegance – all without having to constantly keep an eye (or hand) on the porcelain.

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