Multisensory communication with porcelain

Multisensory communication with porcelain

"As partner in our company I always like to surprise our customers and corporate partners with new, innovative products. In particular, our individually designed pieces, whether customized with a personal name or a handwritten greeting are a winner even with people who have seen it all." Holger Raithel, Managing Partner

Promotional porcelain by KAHLA opens up a world full of surprising visual and tactile experiences to your customers, partners and employees. Award-winning porcelain design and novel tactile surface structures take the people important to you into a universe of enjoyment for all senses.

Seal the future of your business relationships with custom-made products that remain beautiful forever.

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Design: Lisa Keller

Cupit is an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional disposable containers, which have become a serious problem for the environment and for communities. The To Go Mug Collection is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It can be used to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice as well as small snacks such as salad, cereal or soup.

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For you, we imprint designs on cups that are much more than just plain drinking vessels: straightforward design, ergonomic handles, generous space for your messages, a stable stand, aroma enhancing shapes, robust hard-paste porcelain, custom décors and excellent quality in a variety of shapes and sizes. Developed by experienced designers and aroma experts, tested by marketing professionals.

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Tactile gifts that add a lasting touch: touch! is the unique porcelain with a velvety surface design.

The patented three-dimensional structure insulates against heat, reduces noises and invites touch. With our  innovative technologies, motifs or letters are integrated into the touch! banderole or appear as raised reliefs on the porcelain. Show your true appreciation with unique gifts personalised with names, messages or QR codes.

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touch! Basic Plus

The use of innovative technology applies your advertising message, logo or the outline of your product directly onto the porcelain as a delicate laser engraving. Minimum line thickness 0.3 mm.

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touch! Photo

The touch! photo technology opens new possibilities to display your advertising message: whether company building, the outline of your new product or a photo of your team - the motif of your choice is applied as a photorealistic laser image into the velvety surface.

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touch! Print

Printed décor image in combination with velvety porcelain. The result is an infinite variety of customisation options.


The technology Magic Grip is an innovation that increases the functionality of porcelain in several regards. The integrated silicone foot ensures a non slip quality and is therefore ideal for the outdoor, transport and automotive industry.

Magic Grip reduces noises and ensures a silent and concentrated atmosphere in conference rooms. Furthermore, the silicone protects delicate surfaces such as glass, highly polished furniture as well as precious wood tables from scratches.

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Design Collections

Whether round, rectangular or organic: KAHLA’s porcelain programmes come in many shapes and can be combined to suit your architectural or styling concept.  Quality through good design, multi-functionality and flexibility in the use of the versatile products are at the heart of the design process at KAHLA.  The award-winning collections by Barbara Schmidt and other designers already stand the test of time in conference rooms, at trade fair stands, in boardrooms and coffee bars for employees. 

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