cupit To Go Mug Collection

Design: Lisa Keller

Every hour, Germans alone use 320,000 disposable cups: this adds up to almost 3 billion cups a year. These alarming numbers were reported by the environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.
The cupit To Go Collection by KAHLA offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable cups. Porcelain cups and lids are Made in Germany and are intended to be re-used many times to help reduce waste. 

The cupit drinking lid is designed so that the mouth touches it in a gentle and comfortable way, and the lips can rest softly without encountering any edges or seams. While most To Go cups have an edge or groove at the rim to seal the lid, KAHLA cupit has a narrow drinking rim making it possible for the cup to be used also without the lid. Thanks to the innovative Magic Grip coating, the tactile grip zone and the slip-resistant base make cupit the perfect companion for every day.

Cupit To Go Mug Collection, iF Designaward 2017, Designplus, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
cupit to go collection, KAHLA Porcelain



cupit To Go Collection, KAHLA Promotional Porcelain




The snack cover has a valve to allow the pressure to equalise. If the cup contains a hot beverage or a soup, the dial in the centre of the cover is turned to the left on the symbol for heat. If the content is cold, the dial is set on the symbol for cold and turned to the right. Both movements safely close the cover.

The removal of the lid is made easier by using the tab on its side. Because of a depression in the centre of the lid, all cupit cups are stackable. This feature and the soft Magic Grip grip zone make cupit the perfect companion for a busy life on the move – say good-bye to disposable waste.

cupit, To Go mug collection, Coffee 2 go, KAHLA Porcelain


cupit is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It can be used to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice as well as small snacks such as salad, cereal or soup. 

Areas of use:

  • Innovative advertising medium
  • Gift for employees
  • Catering to guests
  • Office kitchen

Mug sizes:

  • mini 0,23 l
  • midi 0,35 l
  • maxi 0,47 l

Lids for all three mugs:

  • drinking lid
  • snack lid
Artvertising cupit To Go, KAHLA Porzellan Porcelain
Cupit, ecological awareness, sustainability, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
KAHLA stackable To Go mug, eco friendly
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Café Sommelier, To Go mug, KAHLA Porcelain

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cupit porcelain white 0,47 l
cupit porcelain white 0,35 l
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cupit soft black 0,35 l
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cupit soft black 0,35 l
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cupit soft black 0,35 l

Individual items from the cupit series by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan