Innovation & Technology

Since it was re-established in 1994, KAHLA has considered itself an innovator on both the creative and technological level. Both are mutually dependent. That is because many of the design brand's innovative porcelain products would not be possible without modern production technology. In addition, innovation for KAHLA also means continuous improvements with regard to cost effectiveness, environmental compatibility and social responsibility.

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Isostatic press with fettling robot

innovation and technology, Kahla porcelain

Kiln and handling system

New creative freedom through modern production

In 1994, KAHLA was the first company in Europe to start a fully automatic flatware porcelain production line with a continuous-flow facility. Since then, more than 28 million Euros have been invested in state-of-the-art technology. It is no coincidence that already in 1996 KAHLA received the European DIN ISO 9001 quality certificate. And finally in 2004, with the touch! collection a world innovation in the field of porcelain could be patented. In 2006, KAHLA started operating the first pressure casting plant for cups in Germany. Today, it produces large numbers of cups for different coffee roasters.


Following the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the production halls, the investment of millions of Euros in a resource-efficient firing and handling system in 2011 marked another milestone in securing the future of "Made in Germany" porcelain production. In 2012, KAHLA received the certification as an environmentally-friendly company in accordance with the globally recognised ISO 14001 standard. The company is now again setting new standards for functional product design worldwide with the Magic Grip surface technology. To be continued…

TÜV quality seal ISO 14001, Kahla porcelain
Innovation and technology, solar energy plant, KAHLA porcelain
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Pressure casting plant for cups

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Bisque-firing at 900°C