With the KAHLA pro Eco strategy, the company demonstrates a clear commitment to sustainability. A green quality seal vouches for porcelain made from natural resources and tested for harmful substances. It is made in Germany – fair and socially responsible.

„Made in Germany“

Since its re-formation after the reunification, KAHLA invested around 30 million Euros in innovative production technologies to protect the environment, thus ensuring a way of production that conserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. As part of the KAHLA pro Eco strategy, the company uses its own wells and conserves millions of litres of drinking water by treating industrial water. The company‘s own photovoltaic system generates green electricity from solar power, which is used for the production of porcelain.

All production steps are carried out in Kahla, Thuringia, thus eliminating unnecessary transport and avoiding any associated emissions.

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Focus on humanity and the future

The pro Eco sustainability strategy means even more: Under it, KAHLA commits to socially responsible working conditions. The company integrates people with disabilities, advocates for seniors by providing practical assistance and is committed to a balance of family and career.

An important aspect is the training and promoting of young talent at the Kahla site, for instance through partnerships with universities and a close cooperation with the Günther Raithel Foundation.


Sustainability strategy „KAHLA pro Eco“

  • porcelain „Made in Germany“, tested for harmful substances, made of natural resources
  • millions of litres of water are saved each year, company‘s own water wells and water treatment plant
  • reduced CO2-emissions thanks to investments in innovative technology
  • generation and use of ecological electricity from solar energy by means of on-site photovoltaic power plant
  • social working conditions, integration of people with disabilities
  • long product life cycles by means of a good and sustainable design catered to the material
  • promotion of young talents by university partnerships and the „Günther Raithel Foundation“
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April 2005 Launch of the ECOPROFIT project, a cooperation between municipalities and local businesses. The aim is to reduce operating costs while preserving natural resources.

December 2005 Recognition as disability-friendly company by the Thuringian Ministry for Social Affairs. 

September 2008  Launch of the TAO collection, produced using particularly sustainable practices.

February 2009  Introduction of the KAHLA pro Eco sustainability strategy following the implementation of 30 ECOPROFIT projects.

April 2009 Rated "very good" for the touch! Ornaments cup by ÖKO TEST magazine.

November 2009 TOP Hotel Star Award in the sustainability category for the TAO collection.

June 2010 By investing millions of Euros in a photovoltaic system, KAHLA now produces green electricity.

August 2010 Formation of the non-profit „Günther Raithel Foundation – Educational Initiative KAHLA kreativ" dedicated to the advancement of education, culture, science and research related to porcelain and dining culture.

November 2010 Green Good Design Award for an exceptional symbiosis of design and environmental responsibility with the TAO collection.

December 2010 „Akzeptanz 2010“ certificate of special merit for the outstanding commitment to the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.

October 2011  Introduction of an environmental management system.

November 2011 Start of operation of a modern firing and handling system to reduce the consumption of energy and materials and to lower the reject rate.

February 2012 "Grünes Band" (Green Ribbon) sustainability award in the environment category.

October 2012 Certification as an environmentally friendly company in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard.

December 2012 Award from the German Federal Employment Agency for the successful integration of people with disabilities.

March 2014 KAHLA is a member of the Thuringian sustainability agreement (NAT), a network for sustainable management.

September 2015 Winner of PSI Sustainability Award Category "Environmental Excellence".

February 2016 With the launch of the To Go mug concept cupit, KAHLA is setting another great example for environmental awareness in everyday life.

April 2016 The sustainable, reusable mug concept cupit receives the Green Product Award Selection 2016.

May 2016 Receipt of the test label “Gesicherte Nachhaltigkeit“ (Ensured sustainability) in the areas ecology, economics and social competence from the German Institute for sustainability & economics.

September 2019 KAHLA is for the third time a member of the Thuringian sustainability agreement (NAT), a network for sustainable management.

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Project “Heat Recovery”

KAHLA continues to invest in a sustainable production and in measures that promote energy efficiency. A system for heat recovery and for waste-heat utilisation from kiln exhaust emissions is being installed in the production facilities in Kahla.

The project, sponsored by the Free State of Thuringia, is co-financed with funds from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
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Hello, I am Karla!

Together with my family, I live on the lush meadows surrounding the porcelain factory in Kahla. As you can imagine, I love the velvety touch! porcelain and soon I will have my very own Karla fan cup. I feel almost like a celebrity.

But I really want to tell you about my job: I was appointed pro Eco ambassador. I watch very closely what the people at KAHLA do to protect the environment and how they advance the sustainability strategy introduced by my owners, the Raithel family. This is very important: after all, people and animals alike shall continue to lead happy and healthy lives here for a long time. On these pages, I will tell you about the small and big steps and accomplishments by my human team.

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