Inhouse Designer, KAHLA Porzellan
Inhouse Designer

Our multi-award-winning designers continue to create new designs and décors for an unlimited number of possible combinations. Learn more about the innovative design concepts by KAHLA Porzellan.

Designer, KAHLA Porzellan

Creative designers from around the world work for KAHLA. We portray our designers from Germany and all over the world to you. Get to know the creative minds behind KAHLA Porcelain »

Design Approach, Design Philosophy, KAHLA Porcelain
Design Approach

KAHLA design brings porcelain into the present day: with creative concepts, sensual forms and endless possibilities for combination. Discover the philosophy from our designers behind KAHLA »

Design Awards, Kahla Porcelain
Design Awards

KAHLA has since been awarded more than 100 international design awards for innovative product design, intelligent and environmentally friendly concepts »

Günther Raithel Foundation - KAHLA kreativ
KAHLA kreativ

The Günther Raithel Foundation - Educational Initiative KAHLA kreativ is dedicated to the advancement of education, culture, science and research related to porcelain and similar materials.