Design Approach

Porcelain from KAHLA is as diverse as the lifestyles of today. Nothing is limited to one function only. You are invited to select, combine and in the process assemble your very own customised tableware from all KAHLA series. After all, you should love to use every single piece. With all your senses, day after day!

When the designers at KAHLA develop new products and make creative inventions, they begin by observing everyday life. Changes in the pace of modern life, new eating and drinking habits, the demand for more spontaneity and flexibility in the 21st century – at KAHLA, all that is translated into porcelain while constantly expanding the limits of what is technically feasible. At the same time, the designers at KAHLA preserve beauty and tradition by reinterpreting them and allowing them to evolve. This results in products that are a joy to use time and again – because they are well-conceived, useful and beautiful.

Design approach, philosophy, Kahla porcelain
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"To look closely, find beauty in everyday things, change the familiar and design objects in a way that brings joy to those who use them: that is what makes me happy." (Barbara Schmidt, KAHLA Lead Designer)

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Design awards, Kahla porcelain

More than 100 international design awards within 20 years – two figures that attest to the success of KAHLA. The expert juries were particularly impressed by the product design. But also marketing, packaging design and innovative concepts by KAHLA were recognised with multiple awards.

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