RFID - smart & digital porcelain

Multimedia, multi-sensory, interactive, emotional, individual and smart: The future of brand communication!

Thanks to the patented smartprint® technology, clever NFC transponders are connected to the porcelain with a dishwasher-safe sealing. Individual branding or decor design covers the digital chip. The invisible transponder can be read by a smartphone.

KAHLA RFID, multi-sensory, individual and smart brand communication by KAHLA Porcelain
RFID = Radio Frequency Identification, identification via electromagnetic waves


An RFID chip (or radio tag) is called a transponder. It is located in or on chip cards, ID cards, devices and objects and it contains a stored code, a link or other specific information. A reader or a reader antenna recognises the stored information.

RFID systems are particularly well suited for tracking and tracing objects.
Tracking = monitoring the movement of an object.
Tracing = recognising or tracking down the identity or origin of an object.

The range is determined by the hardware (transponders and antennas) and by individual software settings. 

What is the difference between RFID and NFC?

Data transmission via NFC is based on wireless RFID technology.

NFC chips can be read by scanners or NFC-enabled smartphones only from a very close distance. NFC technology is therefore suitable for paying for goods and services.

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Where is KAHLA RFID – Smart Porcelain – useful?

Logistical processes can be made easier, faster, better automated and cheaper with smart porcelain. Brand communication and product communication can be more personalised, detailed and entertaining with KAHLA RFID.

  • Automatic inventory control in the catering & rental business
    The porcelain is automatically checked out when leaving the warehouse. Upon return, items and quantities are automatically counted, logged, shortages are identified, purchase lists and rankings of bestsellers are prepared. A manual scanning of individual items is no longer required.
  • Cash-less, autonomous weighing and paying in the food service industry
    The article weight and the article type are stored on the pieces of tableware themselves. The porcelain articles can be associated with meals, prices and food information. Guests can scan their cup or plate themselves and pay without cash. The inventory is monitored automatically.
  • Contact-free vending machine operation in the out of home sector, institutional food service industry and company catering
    A mug or a bowl is identified by the machine. The porcelain article orders a specific dish or beverage.
  • Multi-sensory brand communication and product communication in the restaurant sector
    Links to websites, product and food information, brand films, games and sweepstakes, music and art can be provided via NFC transponders and read by the guest via his smartphone. Porcelain with KAHLA RFID technology inspires the playful interaction in the spirit of gamification:
    - Coffee roasters are lodging information about the growing area
    - Restaurants provide links to the TripAdvisor page
    - Trade fair visitors download the business card of the sales manager
KAHLA RFID Intelligentes Porzellan, Smart Porcelain

Is KAHLA RFID compatible with existing software systems?

Yes. KAHLA only offers custom solutions. In the project phase, all requirements for the application to be implemented are being analysed in collaboration with the company of the client, technology providers and graphics service providers.

What protection is offered by the Magic Grip sealing?

We will be pleased to assist you with individual special solutions.

Can the design of the transponder be customised?

Depending on performance and manufacturer, there are transponders with different designs – round or square – and different sizes. An expert determines which transponder is the right one for a project based on the specific requirements. Logos and brand communication can be added to transponders.

How much does KAHLA’s smart porcelain cost?

The KAHLA team will be happy to advise you on the cost structure of the Magic Grip sealing for an NFC standard transponder. Transponders with special requirements in terms of range, storage space, design or heat resistance are offered individually depending on the quantity. The costs for hardware and software solutions and interfaces are calculated individually following an analysis and briefing phase.

KAHLA RFID - Logistische Prozesse mit intelligenten Porzellan

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