Design: Barbara Schmidt

The egg is one of nature's most beautiful designs. An egg turned on its head is the basic design of ARONDA. For almost 20 years, this porcelain line with its understated refinement and cool elegance has been adorning countless tables in the world.  

Aronda – a timeless beautiful classic.

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Aronda Collection, Kahla Porcelain
Aronda Collection, Kahla Porcelain - Image 3
Aronda Collection, Kahla Porcelain - Image 2


Décor: Cindy Peng
Dancing Blossoms are twirling across the porcelain as if carried by a light summer breeze. The edible flowers of cornflower, rose and lavender are dancing against a gently dabbed blue background. The décor accentuates the clean lines of the Aronda series and brings an airiness and life to the table.
A cobalt blue line on bright white: refreshing and classic.
Erzgebirge by designer Cornelia Müller reinterprets the traditional local woodcraft of the Erzgebirge. The Christmas décor evokes the anticipation of the Advent season. With its well-known motifs such as angel and miner, the church in Seiffen and nutcracker & co. it is a must for every holiday table.