From experiment to edition. KAHLA Atelier is a collection that combines results of the artistic and creative exploration of porcelain.

For many years, KAHLA has been providing artists and designers from around the world with the space to explore the potential of porcelain as a material in their own experimental projects – such as with the periodically held International Porcelain Workshop KAHLA kreativ and with a series of design contests and collaborations with design schools.

Since 2010, the  Günther Raithel Stiftung – Bildungsinitiative KAHLA kreativ foundation has been supporting the creative, artistic and scientific exploration of porcelain.

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Just Lift, Kahla Atelier collection, Kahla porcelain
Just Lift


Just Lift

Design: Raja Köbke

The mini-cloche with classy satin coating on the outside sets the stage for a masterful display of little culinary surprises. The versatile bowl can also serve as a butter dish, cheese dome, tea light holder or a bowl for café au lait or cereal.

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Una, Kahla Atelier collection, Kahla porcelain

Carafe & Cup


Download, KAHLA Porzellan, porcelain

Design: Maria Worms

The carafe is ideal for serving a variety of drinks but may also serve as a flower vase. The porcelain cup become a candle holder when turned upside down.