Design: Lisa Keller

288 New Ways to Enjoy Food and Drink Sustainably

With cupit, KAHLA offers a cup collection for those who like to enjoy their beverages and snacks anywhere – whether at the park, at work or at home. The drinking lid for beverages on the go and the spill-proof cover for transporting food underline the cup’s multi-functionality. Thanks to the innovative Magic Grip coating, the tactile grip zone and the slip-resistant base make cupit the perfect companion for every day.

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Cupit, To Go collection, design awarded, KAHLA Porcelain, New
Cupit collection, To Go mugs, eating and drinking, KAHLA Porcelain, New
Cupit collection, To Go mugs for salad and snacks, KAHLA Porcelain, New
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Snack cover

The snack cover has a valve to allow the pressure to equalise. If the cup contains a hot beverage or a soup, the dial in the centre of the cover is turned to the left on the symbol for heat. If the content is cold, the dial is set on the symbol for cold and turned to the right. Both movements safely close the cover.

The removal of the lid is made easier by using the tab on its side. Because of a depression in the centre of the lid, all cupit cups are stackable. This feature and the soft Magic Grip grip zone make cupit the perfect companion for a busy life on the move – say good-bye to disposable waste.


Characteristically for KAHLA – cupit is designed for all senses: the porcelain cup preserves the exquisite aroma of the espresso from the artisan coffee roaster, and the lovingly prepared salad for lunch at the park tastes twice as good as when served from a plastic container.

Both, the porcelain and the two BPA-free lids are made in Germany. All materials are food-safe and absolutely neutral in taste and odour. Even when filled with hot beverages, no harmful substances that could end up in the drinks or the food are released – another reason, why the environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe recommends porcelain as a reusable alternative to disposable tableware.

KAHLA cupit stackable To Go mug, eco friendly
Cupit collection, To Go mug, KAHLA Porcelain, New

New: cupit colore

cupit colore – Gifts for Environmentally Conscious Fashion Addicts

Whether as a contrast to the everyday colour spectrum or as a colour match: the cupit cup complements all colour preferences. With the new cupit colore colour scheme, KAHLA's eco-friendly travel mug becomes a true fashion accessory. Packaged in eco-friendly carton, the Zero Waste mug is the perfect gift for friends and family who travel a lot and care about sustainability while enjoying hot and cold beverages.

cupit colore, To Go porcelain mug by KAHLA
KAHLA cupit collection, To Go mug for your home or work, Porcelain
cupit, To Go mug collection, reusable tableware, KAHLA porcelain
Pflegehinweise Care instruction To Go Becher, Mug, KAHLA Porzellan Porcelain

As a lifestyle accessory, the cupit To Go mug requires special care. Please closely follow the instructions for washing in the dishwasher and you will continue to enjoy this product for a long time:

  • Rinse the mugs before using them for the first time. Please do not stack them.
  • Exclusively use commercially-available dishwasher powder or tabs which do not contain chlorine.
  • Please be aware that contact with strongly-coloured foods that contain carotene or other pigments (for example tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, blueberries, mustard, balsamic vinegar) can stain the mug and lid through pigmented water in your dishwasher.
  • This discolouration has absolutely no effect on the quality and functionality of the product and disappears once again over time due to the exposure to light and after having been washed a number of times. In order to avoid discolorations, rinse off the colouring foods with clean water prior to placing crockery in the dishwasher.
  • Please place the lid in the dishwasher basket in a way that avoids pressure and tension from other dishes. You will counter possible deformations of the cover as a result.

You can find further tips under “Care Instruction Magic Grip”.