Design Selection

With the new Design Selection, KAHLA presents a range of selected design highlights. The collection includes individual pieces and small sets from different KAHLA series that are designed to function independently outside of the context of a porcelain series.

Our Design Selection embodies to the highest degree the KAHLA design mantra of perfect design vocabulary,
added value and appeal to the senses.

Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain
Gießer / Jug, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain
Design Selection, Jug, KAHLA Porcelain

Jug 0,30 l
Design: Barbara Schmidt
Spout and handle grow asymmetrically out of the porcelain body – for pouring that is elegant and engages the senses.

Barbara Schmidt, Designer at KAHLA Porcelain

Barbara Schmidt:
„To look closely, to find beauty in everyday things, to change the familiar and to design things in a way that brings joy to those who use them. That is what makes me happy.“

bowl with cover, Design Selection, KAHLA Porcelain

bowl with cover 0,25 l
Design: Barbara Schmidt
From the round sugar jar, a handle and a resting place for the spoon take shape. The small, spoon-like bowl also serves as a lid.

Schale / Bowl oval, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain
bowl, oval / Design Selection, KAHLA Porcelain

bowl, oval 0,35 l & 0,50 l
Design: Barbara Schmidt
A distinct fold and a delicate relief of raised lines provide a good grip and add a dramatic effect to the oval form.

Plié Stövchenaufsatz / teapot warmer, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain
Lisa Keller, Designer at KAHLA Porcelain

Lisa Keller:
„I like objects that show restraint yet have their individual personality, that are quiet yet tell a story; that represent objectivity yet in a poetic way. That is why I design objects that let the users decide how they want to use them and how they integrate them into their everyday life.“

warmer attachment & tealight holder, teapot warmer, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan

warmer attachment & tealight holder
Design: Lisa Keller
In a playful way Plié unfolds on your favourite bowl and becomes a teapot warmer. This teapot warmer top can be combined with different vessels to match your style, making it permeable to air and candlelight at the same time.

Delikatessenhut / deli jar, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain
deli jar & sugar loaf, Design Selection, KAHLA Porcelain

deli jar 0,10 l & sugar loaf 0,40 l
Design: Barbara Schmidt
Why should a sugar jar not resemble a sugar loaf? Inside, the spoon has its secure place. Instead of sugar, the jar can also be filled with chutney, mustard or jam.

small jug & lemon squeezer, Design Selection, KAHLA Porcelain

small jug 0,50 l & lemon squeezer
Design: Barbara Schmidt
A modest multi-talent: a jug for many different beverages, refined with a splash of fresh citrus juice; or a friendly little kitchen helper to prepare sauces or a small vase to keep herbs fresh.

Mini-Krug & Zitruspresse / small jug & lemon squeezer, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain
bowl & wooden lid, Design Selection, KAHLA Porcelain

bowl 0,50 l / 1,50 l & wooden lid
Design: Barbara Schmidt
A bowl for almost any food and drink. For those who prefer larger servings or who like to share, it is also available in a larger size. A wooden board serves as lid, cutting board or cheese board – with the bowl turned upside down, it becomes a cloche.

Schüssel & Holzdeckel / bowl & wooden lid, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan, Porcelain



mug, Design Selection, KAHLA Porcelain

mug universal 0,35 l
Design: Lisa Keller
Shape and volume of the cup have been designed so that it can serve many purposes. Thanks to its clean and minimalist design, the cup can be combined with any series and be used for many applications.

bowl set, Design Selection, KAHLA Porzellan

bowl set 3pcs.
7 cm / 9 cm / 11 cm
Design: Barbara Schmidt
The KAHLA Three: small elegant bowls that showcase sauces, salads, desserts or salt and spices.