Design: Barbara Schmidt

Porcelain with elegant dimensions and thin walls sets the stage for the real star: the food. With great attention to detail, the porcelain was designed to match the creations of today's kitchen. The perfect round contours of the bowls, which continue as a fine curve on the inside, make them ideal vessels for soups, salads, risotto, stir-fries, desserts and sauces.

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Dîner collection, Kahla porcelain, Image 2
Dîner collection, Kahla porcelain

Dîner is available in various versions:

The MAGIC GRIP technology is an innovation which increases the functionality of porcelain in several regards. The discreet, transparent silicone application on the foot of the porcelain protects valuable surfaces such as glass, high-quality wood, natural stone, stainless steel as well as high gloss surfaces from scratches. Magic Grip is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and suitable for food.
Décor: Laura Straßer

The traditional golden line celebrates its innovative comeback and gives the Magic Grip articles a playful ease.