Come home and unwind: The new porcelain concept Homestyle by KAHLA invites a feeling of comfort and bliss. Thanks to its harmonious shapes and carefully coordinated colours, the porcelain – hand-glazed with much attention to detail – creates an atmosphere of authenticity, tradition and cosiness, wherever in the world you are.

The ceramicstyle porcelain serves the new Hygge trend. The extensive range includes various bowls and platters for the popular bowl dishes and the contemporary Lavantine cuisine.

Homestyle, Ceramics, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, New décor, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, Desert Sand, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, Siena Red, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, Bhudda-Bowl, KAHLA Porcelain
New colour, Natural Cotton - Homestyle, KAHLA Porcelain

New colour: Natural Cotton


A fresh shade complements the natural-looking Homestyle collection. The cream-white glaze shows irregular speckles that arise when the porcelain is fired. They give the dishes its special appearance reminding of natural cotton.


The secret behind the cosy, relaxed ambiance created by Homestyle are glazes in a harmonious colour scheme that are artfully applied by hand. Crystalline, vibrant colour tones meet warm, earthy pigments, in which one recognises the materials and colours of the natural minerals.

"Atlantic blue" joins "Desert sand" and "Siena red" to create a play of colours reminiscent of the four elements of nature. The result: fire and earth, water and air mingle at the table in ever new combinations, which, despite their vivid contrasts, are pleasing to the eye.

Homestyle, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, Breakfast-Bowl, Buddha-Bowl, Poké-Bowl, KAHLA Porcelain
Homestyle, Breakfast-Bowl, Buddha-Bowl, Poké-Bowl, KAHLA Porcelain

A Bowl Full of Favourite Colours

The deliberately chosen simple shapes of the articles accentuate the carefully coordinated glazes. The focus of the ensemble is a "multi-purpose bowl" where under the title "Colours of nature" all three colours come together. As a trendy breakfast bowl, Buddha bowl or poké bowl, it can be filled with all kinds of ingredients for cereal, salads, soups or curry dishes.

Its shallow counterpart is a generously sized oval platter suitable for many occasions, from fish platters to cheeseboards. In this piece as well, all three glazes are combined to create a flowing interplay of colours. The resulting blends at the colour transitions are also a symbol for the fusion of today's food cultures, which facilitates the creation of new exciting food trends.

Schale mit Griff 0,25 l desert sand, Kahla Porzellan

bowl with handle 0,25 l desert sand

Homestyle is hand-glazed porcelain in an earthy pottery look with much attention to detail. In the process, minor differences in decor are a quality feature of the individual technique – each item is a unique copy made by hand.