A world innovation: Magic Grip

Porcelain that stands still when everything is moving.

The MAGIC GRIP technology is an innovation which increases the functionality of porcelain in several regards. The integrated silicone foot ensures a non slip quality, reduces noises and protects delicate surfaces from scratches. 

MAGIC GRIP Collection, KAHLA Porcelain


Porcelain for silent moments.

The fine dining porcelain collection sets the right tone. Thanks to the silicone foot any disruptive clatter of plates, cups and bowls is minimised during a cosy tea time or an intimate dinner. This leaves more room for a relaxed get-together, in-depth conversations and hearty laughing.

The discreet, transparent silicone application on the foot of the porcelain protects valuable surfaces such as glass, high-quality wood, natural stone, stainless steel as well as high gloss surfaces from scratches.

Design Dîner: Barbara Schmidt

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Magic Grip Table collection, KAHLA porcelain
Magic Grip Table collection, KAHLA porcelain

Magic Grip Table Décors:

KAHLA presents the first porcelain for boats: “On Tour”
Its functional & design aspects are geared specifically towards the needs of sailors and owners of yachts and motor boats: the innovative Magic Grip coating on the underside of the porcelain makes it slip-resistant and provides plates, cups and bowls with a secure grip also in heavier seas.
The special tableware will remain secure and stable on all typical furniture on board – whether it is made of wood, synthetics or other common materials. In addition, it protects delicate, varnished surfaces from scratches, reduces noise and allows the gentle and secure stacking of several pieces on top of each other.

Décor: Viola Ahrensfeld

“Black Geometry” plays with stylistic elements of Art Déco and Constructivism. The result is an exqui­sitely luxurious décor, which merges opulence and precision to create a dramatic harmony. As a frame for white porcelain or to stage delicious food, “Black Geometry” reveals its unsurpassed effect.

Décor: Laura Straßer

“Black Ray” complements “Ray of Gold” like the night does the day. Black rays traverse black matte surfaces. In between shimmers a scattered golden streak – magical and mysterious, its delicate elegance producing a striking effect.

Décor: Laura Straßer

The traditional golden line celebrates its innovative comeback and gives the Magic Grip articles a playful ease.

Décor: Laura Görß, The décor transforms the plate into a window. Like a porthole it opens the view to the world outside onto a vast, calm sea. Subdued colours and delicate, wave-like colour flows combined with the gold rim embody serenity, luxury and relaxation.

Décor: René Buschner

“Leaf of Gold” plays with the double meaning of gold leaf and is inspired by the weightlessness of the thin foil layers and by shapes found in nature. The beauty of falling leaves is linked to the warm glow cast on wet leaves by the autumn light.

Décor: Laura Straßer

Rays of luscious gold seem to be greeting the viewer like golden sunlight. The décor is a tribute to fine cuisine, to the chef and to the time people spend together around the table.

Décor: Lisa Keller

Soft watercoloured flowers with different colour gradients cover individual pieces from the Five Senses porcelain series. The beauty of the décor is found not least in the transient nature and the fragility of these plants, which are partly threatened with extinction. For a young, trendy look, “Wildblume” is combined with porcelain in rich colours. Plates and bowls in watercolour blue, watercolour green or – new – watercolour yellow form a serene backdrop and accentuate the intricate beauty of grasses, leaves and blossoms.


Magic Grip - Kitchen

Design Five Senses and Update: Barbara Schmidt

To launch its new product, KAHLA is bringing the innovation on the market as two different product series: Magic Grip Kitchen includes porcelain items for cooking, baking and food preparation from the Five Senses and Update collections. The range of products made from robust hard-paste porcelain includes for example jugs, salad bowls, sauce boats and dip bowls as well as baking, casserole, soufflé and gratin dishes. All of them are much easier to have a handle on while kneading, stirring and serving.

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Magic Grip, Silicone, Kahla porcelain
Magic Grip Kitchen, Kahla porcelain
Magic Grip, Kahla porcelain
Magic Grip Mini baking dish, Kahla porcelain
Magic Grip, Kahla porcelain


It is not only children who are excited about the MAGIC GRIP children sets, but also parents and grandparents. Setting the table becomes a family ritual:
kids help just like the grown-ups because the tableware can also be on a slope and does not slip when stacked unevenly. During dinnertime, the porcelain items do not need to be held in place, even at tumultuous times.

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Magic Grip Kids, KAHLA Porcelain
Designpreise, KAHLA Porzellan, design awards, porcelain

Design Awards



Design awards Magic Grip, Kahla porcelain

Top Hotel Star Award 2016 Bronze (Innovation)
#Form 2015
IF Gold Award 2015
First Choice Award 2015 Hannover Messe
Promotional Gift Award 2015
Design Plus 2015 Internationale Frankfurter Messe Ambiente
Interior Innovation Award 2015 Rat für Formgebung
Gute Gestaltung 2015 Kategorie Produkt, Deutscher Designer Club
Materialica Best-of Award 2014 Munich Expo
reddot award 2014 Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen
German Design Award 2015 Nominee

design awards Magic Grip, Kahla porcelain