O - The better place

Design: Barbara Schmidt

The "O – The better place" series is limited to only a few multifunctional pieces. Still, it has all the essential functions of tableware. The distinct fold on the upper side of the porcelain offers the chef new opportunities to creatively stage his culinary creations and divides all pieces into two zones: one a space for the food, the other a surface for holding the dish. This series was inspired by folded paper, by the technique of origami, which literally means: oru = fold, kami = paper.

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Collection O, Barbara Schmidt, KAHLA Porcelain
Collection O, relief detail, KAHLA Porcelain


On the underside of the "O – The better Place" articles and on the inner surfaces of the cup handles, a little surprise is hidden: a delicate relief consisting of additional folds. When the porcelain is placed on the table, the texture is barely visible and only on the tall pieces. If you hold it in your hand, you experience the tactile stimulation coming from the textured underside.

Collection O, Barbara Schmidt, Ambiente, KAHLA Porcelain
Collection O, plates and bowls, KAHLA Porcelain
Collection O, cup and saucer, KAHLA Porcelain




All cups feature the innovative KAHLA Magic Grip coating on the underside. Therefore, the saucers do not need a cup well and can also be used as small plates.

Professional Collection O, Ambiente, KAHLA Porcelain
Collection O, Keyvisual, KAHLA Professional Porcelain

"O is a result of the fascination with the play of light and shadow, surface and space and of the idea to translate the lightness of paper into porcelain. The reliefs that are hidden on the back of the porcelain offer an unexpected extra for the sense of touch." – Barbara Schmidt


Fable Fleur

Design Form: Barbara Schmidt
Design Dekor: Lisa Keller

With the décor "Fable Fleur", designer Lisa Keller introduces a fantastical world of plants. At times in clusters, at others scattered, the plants seem to grow out of the fold in the porcelain. This way, the delicate flowers and leaves in subtle shades of blue, turquoise and red become part of the play of light and shadow, which is the hallmark of the collection "O".

++ Expiring: Since 1st April 2019 the décor FABLE FLEUR are no longer produced. Discontinued items only available while supplies last. Save 25% at KAHLA online shop on all discontinued items »

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Fable Fleur, decor collection O, Lisa Keller, KAHLA Porcelain
Fable Fleur, decor collection O, Lisa Keller, KAHLA Porcelain