Breakfast, pizza, coffee drinks, snack or a multi-course meal, a table all in white or in all colours of the rainbow – with Pronto it is as easy as pie.


++ Expiring: The colors GREEN-BLUE, OPAL GREEN, PASTEL GREEN, CHOCOLATE BROWN are no longer produced. Discontinued items only available while supplies last. Save 25% at KAHLA online shop on all discontinued items »

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Pronto collection, Kahla porcelain, colored tableware
Collection Pronto Colore, colourful tableware by KAHLA Porcelain
Pronto Colore Colours, KAHLA Porcelain

Pronto Colore

Life is as colourful as you see it: with the cheerfully mixed colour palette, fun and enjoyment are always within reach.

Pronto collection, Kahla porcelain - Image 2
Pronto Colore, Red and Orange, KAHLA Porcelain
Pronto collection, Kahla porcelain - Image 4
Pronto Colore, KAHLA Porcelain, coloured tableware
Pronto Colore collection, Red, Kahla porcelain

Pronto Décors

Décor: Christine Giese

In delicate manual work and with pleasure in experimentation, the blue colour tones on the Pronto and All Stars series were created. The special thing is that each item is a unique copy, with the blue decor being sprayed, wiped and stamped on the porcelain by hand.