Salt Made

Design Form: Barbara Schmidt
Dekor Décor: Lisa Keller

Just like the salt seasons the soup, tiny salt crystals add spice to the new KAHLA décor Salt Made. Earthy, soft colour gradients alternate with high-contrast contours that are sometimes intricate, sometimes bold. Served on Salt Made, your meals will be displayed with a natural charm and the love for craftsmanship.

++ ExpiringSince 1st April 2019, the Salt Made collection will only be available in the Professional range. Discontinued items only available while supplies last. Save 25% at KAHLA online shop on all discontinued items »

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Salt Made, décor: Lisa Keller, KAHLA Porcelain
Salt Made, KAHLA Porcelain
Salt Made Designprozess, Lisa Keller, KAHLA Porzellan

„A little bit of velvety terracotta, a few drops of foggy grey, a pinch of crystals. Designing Salt Made was like creating a meal – engaging the senses, intuitive and final.“
Lisa Keller, Designer

Salt Made, KAHLA Porcelain
Salt Made, espresso cup, KAHLA Porcelain