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Multimedia, multi-sensory, interactive, emotional, individual and smart: The future of brand communication!

Discover clever NFC transponders in dishwasher-safe smartprint® technology for individual branding or decor design covers »

cupit colore, To Go mugs, KAHLA Porcelain

NEW: snackit & keepit

snackit, keepit and cupit: The Zero Waste trilogy by KAHLA for planet-friendly enjoyment on the go and plastic-free, hygienic storage at home.

Discover now snackit & keepit »

snackit & keepit, porcelain storage by KAHLA

Short Set: Portofino


The new Portofino decor is like a holiday on the table. Summer, beach and sea, la dolce vita in the sunset, amphorae made of terracotta.

Discover here Portofino »

Portofino by Elisabeth Gey, new decor by KAHLA Porcelain

Short Set: Minerals


The new Minerals decor is a playful and artistic reminiscence of the popular terrazzo surfaces.

Discover here Minerals »

Minerals by Elisabeth Gey, new decor by KAHLA Porcelain

Short Set: Wilderness


The decor Wilderness expresses the calm and the power of nature in a mystical, delicate way.

Discover now the new decor »

Wilderness by Elisabeth Gey, new decor by KAHLA Porcelain


Two new décors 'Tectonic' and 'Pure Limestone' bring a new airiness and liveliness to the table »

Tectonic, decor Elisabeth Gey, KAHLA Porcelain


The secret behind the cosy, relaxed ambiance created by Homestyle are glazes in a harmonious colour scheme that are artfully applied by hand. A fresh shade complements the natural-looking Homestyle collection.

Discover the new Homestyle colour Natural Cotton now »

Homestyle - new color Natural Cotton by KAHLA Porcelain

touch! new designs

Giving with love: Velvety-soft favorites for birthdays, anniversaries, Children's Day or just anytime: There are many reasons to give a loving gift.

Discover the new touch! designs »

touch! new designs by KAHLA Porcelain