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The secret behind the cosy, relaxed ambiance created by Homestyle are glazes in a harmonious colour scheme that are artfully applied by hand. Crystalline, vibrant colour tones meet warm, earthy pigments, in which one recognises the materials and colours of the natural minerals.

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Homestyle, Porzelain, KAHLA
Homestyle, Porcelain, New 2019, KAHLA

Décor: Lisa Keller

With the décor Heyday, designer Lisa Keller brings the energy of mindfulness to the table and is unfolding a floral carpet in delicate water-colours that combines a velvety green, aubergine, rosé and magenta in iridescent colour gradients.

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Heyday, floral décor, new collection, 2019, KAHLA Porcelain

Décor: Lisa Keller
Design Update: Barbara Schmidt

The décor Moon Meadow captures the dramatic play between daylight and moonlight. Wild herbs, grasses and flowers in delicate hand-painted watercolours come alive to a lush beauty on the porcelain.

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Moon Meadow, floral décor, new collection, 2019, KAHLA Porcelain


Dekor: Elisabeth Gey

With mindful messages in hand-painted letters Flavoured Moments reminds us to give our beverages and food full attention, to do something good for ourselves and to be fully aware of the sensibility of our taste buds.

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Flavoured Moments, new décor 2019, KAHLA Porcelain


Happy Cups is a collection of cups that will serve happiness in every season. The iconic cups, which look exactly like a cup should look like, are colour-coordinated to reflect the respective season. Hand-painted motifs, cheerful sayings, or greetings in creative hand-lettering invite the user to truly enjoy a cup of their favourite beverage.

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Happy Cups, mug collection, new décors 2019, KAHLA Porcelain


Millions of men can't be wrong: grilling is without a doubt a matter of the right equipment. And that does not only include charcoal, grill and tongs, but also sturdy porcelain dishes for outdoor use. What that means, KAHLA shows with its BBQ collection.

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BBQ, barbecue tableware, KAHLA Porcelain

NEW: Update Silk

Update celebrates its 20th anniversary in the year 2018. In line with the motto of the company to offer "design with added value", at the time of its market launch, the Update series consisted of eight pieces offering many possibilities for individual combinations.

With the new décor "Silk", designer Barbara Schmidt presents her Update series with a special birthday gift:  The colour elements in pale rose, lavender, mint-grey and porcelain-white overlay each other and blend and are reminiscent of textile surfaces. 

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Update Silk, new décor by Barbara Schmidt, KAHLA Porcelain

On Tour

With Magic Grip „On Tour”, KAHLA presents the first porcelain for boats.

Its functional aspects are geared specifically towards the needs of sailors and owners of yachts and motor boats: the innovative Magic Grip coating on the underside of the porcelain makes it slip-resistant and provides plates, cups and bowls with a secure grip also in heavier seas. The special tableware will remain secure and stable on all typical furniture on board – whether it is made of wood, synthetics or other common materials. In addition, it protects delicate, varnished surfaces from scratches, reduces noise and allows the gentle and secure stacking of several pieces on top of each other.

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On Tour collection, non-skid tableware for boats, KAHLA Porcelain