snackit & keepit


snackit, keepit and cupit: The Zero Waste trilogy by KAHLA for planet-friendly enjoyment on the go and plastic-free, hygienic storage at home.

snackit & keepit, KAHLA Porzellan
keepit, jars made from porcelain, KAHLA
keepit, porcelain jars, KAHLA Porcelain


Design: Cornelia Müller

The fine collection of small and large porcelain jars with lids offers space for coffee, spices, muesli, rice, dried fruits, kitchen and office utensils, homemade lotions and other ingredients for a life full of taste, happiness and good design.

snackit, bowls, KAHLA Porcelain


Design Update: Barbara Schmidt

The popular bowls of the award-winning collection Update by designer Barbara Schmidt come with lids that also serve as plates. Whether at university, in the office or at home: the bowls can be used to prepare, take away, serve, enjoy and store delicious snacks such as Buddha bowls, Poké bowls, Smoothie bowls, salads, muesli, pasta, Ramen and Bibimbap – the designer’s favorite Korean lunch.



Design: Lisa Keller

With cupit, KAHLA offers a cup collection for those who like to enjoy their beverages and snacks anywhere – whether at the park, at work or at home.

With the new cupit colore colour scheme, KAHLA's eco-friendly travel mug becomes a true fashion accessory. Packaged in eco-friendly carton, the Zero Waste mug is the perfect gift for friends and family who travel a lot and care about sustainability while enjoying hot and cold beverages.

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