From traditional tabletop accessory to trendy lifestyle object

The perfect tabletop does not only feature plates, cups, platters and bowls but also a variety of large and small accessories made of porcelain and other materials. Many of those are particularly beautiful if they coordinate with the other tableware. This includes for example pretty porcelain butter dishes, delicate candle holders, fine napkin rings or cheerful egg cups. A porcelain teapot warmer that matches the coffee pot or teapot is also very handy. Tiered stands, whether traditional or sophisticated have made a comeback. KAHLA offers them in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. In addition to accessories in neutral white, we make a number of our porcelain items in vibrant colour hues, and also in lively as well as artful and traditional porcelain décors.

Accessories made of porcelain - useful thanks to their versatility

Like our entire KAHLA product range, many of our accessories are also very versatile and can be used for more than just one purpose. Consequently, KAHLA offers egg cups that can be repurposed into an espresso cup or a shot glass, vases that become carafes and vice versa. With our porcelain concepts we would like to inspire you to use your imagination when setting the table. Be creative and add custom accents when you decorate your home. Our attractive candle holders look also beautiful when artfully placed on credenzas, side boards, serving cabinets or side tables. Or use one of our striking tiered stands to display Christmas baubles or Easter eggs on the table or as a tray for jewellery, car keys or watches. Whichever way you use the KAHLA designer pieces: our multi-award winning design and the material - rich in tradition and value - are a testimony to a great sense of style and good taste. 

German quality craftsmanship is a gift

Porcelain accessories are not always included in the classic coffee or tea service. Therefore they make a welcome gift idea. Candle holders, napkin rings or egg cups that coordinate with your favourite tableware are sure to delight the recipient. Porcelain vases in different colours and sizes make a classic hostess gift or a present for any occasion. And finally, a tiered stand decorated with love is sure to be popular with young and old. Good to know: with KAHLA porcelain, you give a quality product that is made in Germany and produced under environmentally and socially responsible working conditions.