The ideal butter dish is made of KAHLA porcelain

The perfect butter dish keeps butter fresh, and coordinates with every tableware and fits any occasion. Whether breakfast or brunch, snack, tea time or dinner: softened butter is an essential part of it. The well-designed, functional KAHLA butter dishes leave nothing to be desired. They are available in a plethora of pastel or bright favourite colours from the entire colour spectrum of the Pronto Colore series. With KAHLA porcelain, you will also find traditional butter dishes in popular décors such as Blau Saks or Onion pattern and in pure white. The timeless butter dishes include a shallow bottom plate, which holds the standard European 250 gramme-piece of butter. It is covered with an oblong lid with rounded corners.  A low rim on the bottom plate prevents the porcelain lid from slipping. 

Functional butter dishes: better in a pair

Whether sweet cream, salted or herbed butter: inside the KAHLA butter dishes, which are suitable for everyday use, they remain soft and fresh and keep their colour. In particular for a sunny dining area next to a window or on the porch or the patio, non-transparent porcelain butter dishes are an essential. Their dimensions are large enough to fit a European standard-size stick of butter, but only as large as necessary to be stored in the refrigerator while not taking up too much space. Furthermore, the dishwasher-safe KAHLA butter dishes are easy to clean and sanitise. Tip: it is a good idea to have two matching decorative butter dishes. This way you always have one clean dish on hand while the other one is being cleaned. An added bonus: if you have a large number of guests, you can serve sufficient amounts of the popular spread in two portions. This way, even at brunch with friends or at dinner with the extended family, there will be no butter shortage.

Preserving quality and adding new ideas

KAHLA butter dishes are more than a decorative storage solution. Here, more than 170 years of porcelain tradition meet the latest production technologies. The results are sustainably produced branded products made in Germany. They impress with their smart, well-conceived design and their consistently high quality, which KAHLA customers have known and trusted for many years.