Classy candle holders by KAHLA illuminate the table

Candles bring a very friendly, warm light to the home and the dinner table. That is why candle holders made of smooth porcelain are a beautiful addition to any fine home. KAHLA offers different options for one or more candles. You may choose between traditional, classic models and timeless contemporary, versatile designs. Besides pure white candle holders, candle holders with décor also make a beautiful statement at the table. In addition to traditional candle sticks for long tapered candles, KAHLA also carries rechauds and teapot warmers for tealight candles in its extensive selection. And our versatile oblong, square, round or oval porcelain platters make dramatic holders for pillar candles of any kind. 

All candle holders by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Bright ideas to set the mood

The beautiful KAHLA candle holders are always present when it comes to creating that special atmosphere. They are equally striking alone or in groups. That applies to the classic candle holder with Onion pattern as well as to the minimalist design of Una, an exciting design concept from the KAHLA Atelier collection. The matte-white candle holder impresses with its unassuming, calm presence. Turned upside down, it becomes a slender porcelain goblet. In addition to special candle holders, KAHLA also offers many other multifunctional porcelain items suited for illuminating the night.  One example are the colourful, rectangular small Abra Cadabra dishes that turn into small, whimsical lanterns once a tealight candle is added inside.  

Candle holders are essential accessories for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays

A versatile gem for all of life's celebrations is the two-piece candle wreath from the Aronda series. It can hold up to eight candles that are arranged in a star pattern. The matching circular platter on the bottom can be trusted to catch any dripping wax. In the centre, between the candles, there is space for your creative decorating ideas. The round deep bowl has room for a floral arrangement or for nuts and gingerbread cookies at Christmas time. The classy, high-quality candle wreath will accompany its owner for many years and decades throughout life. This is what makes it an ideal gift of lasting value for occasions such as birth, baptism, wedding and many others.