Egg cups for Sunday breakfast, Easter and other occasions

How do you like your breakfast egg: soft-boiled, soft as wax or almost hard-boiled? And what about the perfect egg cup? Unfortunately we can't help you with the decision about how long to cook your egg. But whatever the boiling time, KAHLA has a beautiful porcelain egg cup to go with the result. The variety of styles ranges from classic, footed shapes over shallow, ring-shaped egg cups with rim to multifunctional and asymmetrical, contemporary designs such as Tao. Our porcelain selection also includes plain, straight-walled miniature cups with a perfect diameter for eggs, which are suitable for serving liqueur or similar drinks as well. They also make great tealight holders. Some of them, such as the popular Elixyr egg cup, come with a matching saucer that has room for salt shaker, egg spoon and egg shells.

Breakfast eggs in dazzling colours

With KAHLA porcelain, eggs show their true colours not only at Easter time. Why not serve your breakfast egg in all colours of the rainbow instead of in a simple white egg cup? Our Mediterranean „feel good” tableware line Pronto Colore offers a wide selection of favourite colours for a tall and a shallow egg cup option each.  The blue-white décors Blau Saks and Onion pattern also add a beautiful colour accent to your morning. A very special eye-catcher that invites touch are the small Five Senses cups with the velvety, colourful touch! dots. These one-of-a-kind masters of transformation delight as unique egg cup today, and as trendy espresso cup tomorrow. Here, the egg cup becomes a trendy gift idea

Egg cups that coordinate with the tableware 

Expand your dinner or coffee service as desired with the high-quality KAHLA egg cups. Should you not find the exactly matching décor, you can always combine egg cups in white or solid colours with any KAHLA series. Because the KAHLA design language and the pure white material are always a perfect match. Simply mix and match as you like. And after the meal, you will be pleased with the ease of cleaning our egg cups. No matter whether with or without décor: of course they all are dishwasher-safe.