Elegant porcelain napkin rings

Cloth napkins make a beautifully laid table complete. Classy porcelain napkin rings add the final touch to an elegant table setting. KAHLA offers various elegant napkin rings with popular décors such as  Onion Pattern and Blau Saks. When matching napkin rings are placed on the table together with tableware of the same décor, it is reminiscent of the gold old times. But the porcelain napkin rings with the old-world look are also a beautiful addition to the trendy mix-and-match style with white or blue porcelain from different series.  Why not combine them with different shades of blue from our cheerful Pronto Colore bistro series? You will be surprised by the matching effect of this trendy look. 

All napkin rings by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Accessories for the fine home

Elegant napkin rings add festive accents to various events and occasions. They add refinement to the table laid for Christmas dinner just as for the fondue at New Year's Eve, for Easter brunch or the festive coffee table for a birthday party. Your guests will be certain to appreciate this personal touch. And you may also use these high-quality porcelain KAHLA napkin rings to upgrade paper napkins. We invite you to playfully explore the artistry of a stylistic clash.

KAHLA quality napkin rings are Made in Germany”

Like all KAHLA products, our attractive napkin rings are produced in Germany. Even our natural raw materials, kaolin, feldspar and quartz are exclusively produced in Germany. In the next step, they are processed using state-of-the-art production technologies. State-of-the-art implies that we use advanced technologies to conserve resources and to manufacture a highly sustainable and high-quality product. Discover for yourself the successful "KAHLA pro Eco" strategy followed by our family-owned enterprise.