Porcelain tiered stands - modern or traditional

They make lovely cupcake stands and are perfect for displaying chocolates and confections. But they can also be used to serve antipasti, sushi and other appetizers in style: tiered stands are „in” today like they have not been for a long time, and rightly so. Because the trendy, vertically layered plates, platters or bowls can be used to display sweet and savoury culinary delights in a versatile and appealing way. Therefore, KAHLA carries an exceptionally wide selection of avant-garde, timeless, classic or traditional tiered stands in its product range. And also when it comes to colours, the unique Belle Étage product range caters to almost any need. 

All Tiered stands by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Design and height - a tough choice

Whether wedding, anniversary celebration, cocktail party or brunch: tiered stands are a great way to make very efficient use of the available space on the table or the buffet. In addition, the decorative stands please the eye of gourmets and food lovers as by alternating high and low, the third dimension also becomes part of the stage for culinary delights. KAHLA offers a variety of tiered stands for the trendy and stylish presentation of culinary creations. Our product range includes designs with two or three tiers. In the Update and Café Sommelier series, you will find timeless classics with perfectly round plates and platters. But design aficionados will also find one-of-a-kind designs and unique combinations. One example are the asymmetrically arranged platters of the rectangular Cumulus tiered stand, which have a very sophisticated look. The teardrop-shaped tiered stand with platters that matches the Dîner series impresses with its exceptional elegance. Another very special piece is the Dîner tiered bowl stand with its three small stacked bowls – perfect for small tasty bites such as olives, salty snacks or fruit.

White tiered stands, individual colour combinations and creative décors

All KAHLA tiered stands are manufactured in Germany and are made of sustainably produced hard-paste porcelain of the highest quality. The different tiers are connected by a central metal rod. Depending on the style, this centrally positioned rod can be straight and simple or charming and playful. They are also available in gold and silver. Speaking of „gold”: for those looking for luxurious tiered stands reflecting a baroque opulence, the KAHLA Atelier series has the perfect tiered server. With a printed layer of genuine gold, they are not only a very valuable tabletop accessory but also an exquisite piece of home décor.