Beautiful one-of-a-kind porcelain vases by KAHLA

Elegant vases made of porcelain have a long historical tradition yet still remain contemporary. They play an important role in decorating the table. Therefore KAHLA carries select vases for various occasions: they include minimalist, white designer vases in different shapes and classic, timeless porcelain vases in numerous bright colours. In our „feel good” Pronto Colore collection we carry tall, flared vases for long-stemmed flower bouquets and branches as well as medium-sized straightforward vases for smaller floral arrangements and bouquets. And if you don't find what you are looking for in this selection, we invite you to browse the multi-purpose KAHLA jugs and elegant carafes. These versatile vessels make wonderful vases for cut flowers or bouquets of wild flowers. In the dishwasher, the durable KAHLA porcelain vases with their flawless smooth inner surfaces will easily become perfectly clean again.

All vases by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Dramatic designer vases for the modern tabletop


The trend currently favours single flower stems and branches that are arranged individually or in groups. KAHLA has unique, high-quality porcelain vases for this stylish look as well. The small asymmetrical Elixyr vase transforms into a sculpture when decorated with single stems and branches. Its straightforward design is particularly dramatic when several vases are grouped together. Una from the KAHLA Atelier collection exhibits a triple functionality. The simple, matte-white flower vase is also an elegant little carafe; when turned upside down, the porcelain cup that is part of the set transforms into a clever candle holder.


Vases made of KAHLA porcelain are a welcome gift


Their fresh modern design and the high-quality material make KAHLA vases the perfect gift idea. After all, there can never be too many stylish dishwasher-safe vases in a home. That is why with a decorative KAHLA vase, you show a sense of style and taste. In addition, you will be gifting a sustainably produced quality product made in Germany, which will delight recipients who value the environment and fair consumption.