Versatile and multifunctional: Deep and shallow bowls by KAHLA

You are looking for a French café au lait bowl, a bowl for Japanese noodle soup or Asian rice dishes? You would like to surprise your loved-ones with customized cereal bowls or simply need another durable, medium-sized bowl for side dishes? With KAHLA porcelain, you will find surely what you are looking for. Our product range with its international orientation includes bowls of various sizes and styles: you will find shallow bowls as well as tall, narrow bowls and small, medium and large bowls. When it comes to style, you may choose between contemporary, straightforward design, timeless classics and nostalgic looks. In addition to pure white, our porcelain is also available in bright décors and in many colours. Be inspired and create your very own personal bowl set.

All bowls by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

A beautiful bowl is everything

KAHLA has a special relationship with beautiful bowls. They are closely linked to the KAHLA success story, which really gathered speed with the multiple award-winning Update tableware series. With Update, KAHLA designer Barbara Schmidt broke away from the concept of the classic porcelain set that groups tableware around the coffee pot in a hierarchical manner. Inspired by her residencies abroad in Scandinavia and Japan, with Update, she makes the bowl as a versatile, multifunctional dish the centre of the series. The bowl comes with a lid that also serves as a plate – and voilà, you have a complete place setting. And it is stackable to boot. 

Companion from breakfast to dinner

In Germany and in many other countries where KAHLA now exports its porcelain, the idea of the multi-purpose bowl fell on fertile ground. Therefore, KAHLA's product range today includes a wide selection of porcelain bowls for many different occasions: they range from the popular cereal, yogurt or café au lait bowl for breakfast over large soup and salad bowls to unique small dipping bowls and pretty dessert bowls. Typically KAHLA: many shallow and deep bowls come with a matching porcelain lid that can be used as platter, plate, dipping dish or flavour seal. 

Multifunctional bowls from sustainable production

KAHLA's deep and shallow bowls are suited for use in the microwave and are oven-safe up to 280 °C. They are made of durable hard-paste porcelain, which we produce in Germany under the highest quality aspects. But „Marken-Qualität“ (brand quality) for KAHLA does not only mean the latest production technologies including very thorough controls: it also means, that we produce according to strict environmental criteria and place a high value on fair working conditions.