Healthy breakfast with KAHLA cereal bowls

Granola, fresh fruit, yogurt and its relatives are the top choice for a healthy start into the day. They are best served in an attractive cereal bowl – the sight of which should immediately put you in a good mood in the morning. Which one of the many pretty KAHLA bowls it will be for you, you must decide for yourself. Perhaps a cheerful bowl in your favourite colour will give you the right boost: just browse the wide colour range of Pronto Colore. Or maybe you would like a designer piece that feels good in your hands: then perhaps you will like the relief of the Centuries Schüssel or a cereal bowl in a velvety robe, like the one we offer in the KAHLA touch! collection.

Cereal bowls with personality

Individual messages or an attractive pattern may also help lift the mood. Therefore, cereal bowls are a practical gift idea for both the home and the office. Choose between many different seasonal décors for Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Customised motifs, names or sayings can be engraved by laser into the colourful, velvety coated KAHLA touch! cereal bowls with KAHLA Individual. For boys and girls, we offer bowls for kids with a cheerful locomotive, a wild pirate or the sweet flower fairy. With these bowls, even kids who normally do not like breakfast will be hungry for fruit salad, yogurt, quark or breakfast cereal. 

It does not always have to be granola

The versatile KAHLA cereal bowls can also be used for many other purposes at the breakfast table. Why not serve a café au lait like the French do in the bowl – perhaps with a fragrant croissant or a brioche? The handy, deep bowls are also great for serving hot soup or Asian rice and noodle dishes at brunch. And finally, they can be used for delicious treats such as antipasti or home-made spreads, confections or cookies. No matter what purpose they are used for: if there are leftovers, the handy KAHLA cereal bowls transform into reusable porcelain storage containers. Simply add a lid on top and place the bowl in the refrigerator. Once they are empty, the multi-purpose porcelain bowls can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.