Dessert all dressed up

Whether custard or ice cream, fruit salad or compote: for many gourmets, a meal is not complete without a little sweet treat at the end. For such sweet temptations, KAHLA offers a selection of attractive designer bowls. Because dessert is also always a visual treat: the unusual, contemporary designs from the Elixyr, Cumulus or Five Senses series are certain to please the eye. Or for a calming effect, choose the well-balanced, timeless, perfectly round dessert bowls from the Aronda or Pronto series. Bowls with reliefs, such as Centuries, add a touch of nostalgia to your dessert.

Dessert bowls from traditional to sophisticated

KAHLA has a classy bowl for every taste and each type of dessert. The small delicate bowls from the Dîner collection for example are perfect for elegant desserts such a chocolate mousse, Zabaione or a chilled fruit soup. Home-made applesauce, rice pudding or vanilla ice cream with warm raspberry topping are best served in the traditional bowls with onion pattern or Blau Saks décor. For baked, caramelised or steamed desserts such as flan or crème brulée, KAHLA recommends for example the ovenproof small bowl from the Five Senses or the small Update soufflé bowl with its straight rim. But all other hard-paste porcelain bowls by KAHLA can also be heated to up to 280 °C. 

The alternative to the dessert bowl is a plate or platter

Our sophisticated gourmet plates and our diverse selection of dinner plates and round, square, oblong or asymmetrical platters also make a fantastic stage for the culinary sweet finale of a multi-course meal. Take a look at our enticing large selection.

And how sweet is your environmental conscience?

Dessert bowls by KAHLA not only indulge the senses but also the conscience. For they are made in Thuringia. All individual production steps from design over manufacturing to packaging are carried out in Germany. Starting at a production that is as resource-conserving as possible to logistics we are committed to environmental responsibility, sustainability and a fair work environment. And all of that of course at the highest quality – just the way our customers expect if from brand porcelain Made in Germany.