Dipping bowls bring the whole world to the table

Dips are a welcome delectable addition not just to crudités. They are an essential part of many national cuisines. Think, for example, of wasabi and soy sauce accompanying sushi or the classic mustard vinaigrette, often served with artichokes in France. Or serve some flavoured olive oil with crusty bread. For all these delicacies and for individually portioned sauces, KAHLA has created a wide range of attractive small to medium-sized dipping bowls. They have a diameter of nine to sixteen centimetres maximum, but impress with their large variety of styles. Their many different décors bring an even greater variety to the dinner table.

Small bowls on a special mission

Dipping bowls break the uniform landscape of platters at the buffet or the standing reception. The decorative small plates with their tall rims are perfect for presenting bite-size culinary delights. And they go with any particular theme or occasion. For Asian themes, the small or medium dipping bowls from the TAO series would be a great choice. For a meal centred on a Mediterranean theme, the Aronda olive oil bowl with its terrace-like design will draw attention.  In addition, our well-designed product range includes small bowls with a handle for the flying buffet. Other dipping bowls have small spouts making them ideal for serving dressings and marinades on the side. 

KAHLA design turns dipping dishes into lids

The smart design of KAHLA porcelain is especially evident in the dipping bowls. Many of our dipping bowls can also serve as lid or saucer: this applies for example to the small square lid from the Abra Cadabra series, which is also available with the write-on Notes coating and in numerous colours. The dipping bowl and small snack plate from the Update series are also such masters of change. As a lid they fit perfectly on an espresso cup, or the cappuccino cup or the coffee mug. On the other hand, the flavour seal from the Café Sommelier coffee connoisseur collection can be used for dipping and dunking or as a mini-plate. Not least because of this multi-functionality did KAHLA receive over 80 prestigious design awards