Salad bowls in all dimensions

Salad is very popular today and recipes for this healthy treat are as many and varied as never before. KAHLA meets this need with a wide selection of large and small deep and shallow bowls. In our product range you will find small, shallow salad bowls for the healthy side dish as well as generously sized bowls for serving hearty salads with many ingredients as a main course.  Our wide-rimmed gourmet plate is also used often for fine salad creations. For serving at the family table, brunch, buffet or dinner with friends, KAHLA salad bowls are a great choice.  They are available in different heights and with a diameter of up to 32 centimetres. 

Brand quality also for party salads

Does this sound familiar: whether barbecue party, celebration at your club, preschool event or school function – you are always asked to bring a salad for the buffet. With the made-to-last and elegant KAHLA porcelain bowls you have the perfect tableware for any occasion right in your cupboard. Because our high-quality hard-paste porcelain is durable and very impact-resistant but always looks appetising and stylish. Many styles have a matching lid which keeps the contents covered until the buffet is opened. This is particularly desirable at a picnic or an „al fresco”-dinner as neither the sun nor insects nor dropping leaves can spoil the food.

Colourful mixed salad in colourful bowls

KAHLA salad bowls are not only available in contemporary and classic, well-balanced perfectly round and spectacularly asymmetrical styles, but also in many colour and décor variations. The four Mediterranean salad bowls in the Pronto series alone come in white and 21 additional cheerful colours. Those looking for an unusual salad bowl that is also perfect for serving Caprese and other antipasti salads should opt for the shallow Five Senses bowl from the Atelier Couture series. It is completely coated with the velvety KAHLA touch! surface on the outside. A true eye-catcher that also reduces noise, protects furniture and is out of the ordinary in every way.