Celebrate the art of sauces with KAHLA sauce boats

„The secret is in the sauce” goes a saying. And indeed, the sauce is of great importance in fine cooking. That is why large kitchens in hotels and restaurant have a special cook responsible for preparing the sauces. Therefore, if the sauce is the royalty of exquisite food, the sauce boat is the queen of the tableware.

KAHLA offers beautiful high-quality sauce dishes that do this title justice.  Their large handle rests comfortably in the hand, the thoughtfully shaped spout allows for neatly pouring the sauce. And if you should indeed spill a drop, the matching saucer comes in handy. It comes integrated into the sauce boat as well as separately. 

Sauce boats are essential accessories for the table

Whether simple fond, clarified butter or an artfully seasoned lobster sauce; whether cold or hot: with an elegant KAHLA sauce boat guests can help themselves at the table or the buffet to as much or as little sauce as they like. Also sweet additions such as vanilla, caramel or chocolate sauces or fine pureed fruit sauces can be presented in style this way. With KAHLA porcelain you can choose between large sauce dishes that will serve several guests and small single-serve dishes. In addition to stark, distinct designs you will also find sauce boats in retro-look or sleek, contemporary designs. Apart from the typical sauce boat with handle and spout we also offer a variety of other dishes and bowls that are suitable for serving sauces: take a look at our serving bowls or use our milk jugs or the versatile jugs for this purpose. There are no limits to your choice of sizes, colours and décors.

KAHLA sauce boats are heirlooms

With a KAHLA sauce boat you opt for a brand product that is made in Germany. In addition, with the „KAHLA pro Eco“ quality seal we vouch for adherence to the strictest environmental and social guidelines. Trust in our well-conceived design, perfect execution and exceptionally high impact resistance. All KAHLA sauce dishes are ovenproof up to 280°, microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. So you can enjoy your KAHLA sauce boat for many years!