Creating dramatic effects on the dinner table with KAHLA serving bowls

Delicious fondue sauces, diverse appetizers, pickled vegetables, confections or just chips and peanuts: the versatile KAHLA serving bowls are at the ready. Choose between shallow and deep bowls and well-conceived dishes with handle or spout. In the Abra Cadabra series you will find small bowls with a matching lid that becomes a saucer if desired. This has proven successful not only on the porch, patio or at a picnic, but also when you use the bowl to serve nuts. Because these 2-in-1 bowls come with an attractive place for the empty shells. 

From amuse-bouche to espresso

The fine, high-quality KAHLA serving bowls will accompany you throughout every course of the dinner. They are just as perfect for serving delicious little treats to go with your aperitif as they are for presenting sumptuous culinary delights.  The classy porcelain dishes that are available in different sizes, shapes and colours are suited for side dishes and for complete main courses; for sweets and for savoury treats. Supplement those as desired with unusual platters or tiered stands from our extensive porcelain selection. This way you will create an exciting contrast between „tall” and „low” at the table.

Designer pieces demonstrate taste

The multiple award-winning KAHLA designer bowls demonstrate appreciation and sense of style to your guests. Like all KAHLA products they were designed to bring joy to their owners and users for a long time. Our well-designed serving dishes are not only a delight for the eye, but thanks to their pristine quality, they also please the sense of touch. Serving bowls by KAHLA – first-class, sustainable tableware „Made in Germany“.