With KAHLA porcelain, soups are getting attention

To beautifully present a soup, a chef does not have as many options as with other dishes. That is why the soup bowl is of even greater importance. It can make a statement: the KAHLA product range includes sophisticated, square or asymmetrical soup bowls as well as delicate bowls with perfectly round lines. Some bowls bring back memories of the good old days, others have an exciting futuristic look. The Elixyr bowl with its handy saucer is ideal for a standing reception or a self-serve buffet. The saucer is also perfect for putting down a piece of bread or the soup spoon. 

Ingredients and bowls „in the green”

When it comes to vegetables, these days many chefs look to organic produce and seasonal products. Soup bowls by KAHLA support this sustainability concept. Because our raw materials – kaolin, feldspar and quartz – also come from Germany. We generate the electricity needed for our production ourselves, work with treated industrial water and use only the latest resource-conserving equipment to manufacture our products. That is why we believe that „organic” tastes even better from the „KAHLA pro Eco“ soup bowls. 

Dramatic contrasts for minestrone, cream-based soups and bouillon

Don't rack your brains over which soup bowls fits best to your favourite dishes – just trust your gut. Because when serving food, sometimes contrasts work just as well as harmonious combinations. A bright-red tomato soup in a green Pronto soup bowl catches the eye and a down-to-earth potato soup gets that certain „je ne sais quoi” when served in a sophisticated bowl. On the other hand, a fine cream of almond soup of course pairs perfectly well with an elegant, thin-walled porcelain bowl and a hearty lentil stew finds its perfect match in a bowl with a thicker porcelain body. Take your time browsing through the KAHLA porcelain product range for stews, soups and broths: in addition to designs in classic pure white, you will also find bowls in bright colour hues and in delicate and expressive décors. 

Dinnerware with soup bowls by KAHLA

You can also put together your conventional KAHLA porcelain service with soup bowls instead of soup plates any time. Because with KAHLA porcelain you select all pieces individually and do not have to settle for a pre-assembled 24-piece standard set of dinnerware. Choose according to your personal taste and combine pieces as you wish. Because we would like every piece of porcelain in your cupboard to be your favourite.