Bowls for those with a sweet tooth

They shine at breakfast, coffee hour and tea time: the KAHLA sugar jars and sugar bowls now have their great moment. Choose between timeless classic lines and revolutionary designs. We offer sugar jars in modern-vintage-look and Mediterranean style or sugar bowls that are inspired by Asian designs. The décors range from the classic Onion pattern over the delicate, ethereal style of the nature-inspired porcelain TAO to the rainbow colours of the Pronto series.

You may leave the spoon in a KAHLA sugar jar

Sugar jars by KAHLA are not only suited for sugar cubes, white, brown or raw sugar, but also for many other things. Many jars have a small opening for the spoon and are therefore often used for other purposes, such as for jams, chutneys or even for serving mustard. A very special jar where the spoon may remain inside is the designer sugar loaf from the Five Senses series. Inside the tall, pear-shaped jar, a teaspoon can stand upright when the lid is closed: a unique and practical solution. 

Storage jars made from porcelain instead plastic

You only know sugar bowls in a set together with a milk jug? With KAHLA sugar bowls you will need to rethink. Because like all KAHLA products, they are available also separately. That means, that you may want to choose two or more sugar bowls. Because they are also very popular as a candy dish for chocolates, caramels and confections. Some of our customers use them as pretty storage jars for office supplies, jewellery, cotton balls and many other odds and ends. After all, our smooth, high-quality brand-name porcelain is suited for every other room in the house as well. Sense of style and the desire to use sustainable materials does not stop at the kitchen door.