Functional porcelainware for cooking and baking

Cookware and baking dishes made of porcelain are doing double duty. Thanks to their high-quality material, they not only have many advantages when it comes to preparing delicious food but they also go from the oven directly onto the table.  That is why KAHLA produces cookware and bakeware in many sizes and in attractive designs. Another big plus for the useful kitchen helpers, storage vessels, casserole dishes and cake tins made by KAHLA: they do not contain nickel, are extremely temperature-resistant and can withstand heavy use. In addition, they are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. The food stored tightly closed inside the white hard-paste porcelain containers is also protected from light.

Beautiful and fit for everyday use: our cooking accessories in white

There are many special applications for heat-resistant porcelain. They range from making any kind of sweet or savoury casserole, gratin or soufflé to cakes, pies or quiches. Ovenproof porcelain dishes are also suited for baking bread. They are equally popular for preparing cold dishes: ambitious hobby cooks and professional chefs alike appreciate large and small porcelain dishes for terrines, meat jellies or pâtés. Porcelain is useful and has been popular for many years for storing spices. In contrast, elegant kitchen helpers that grate, juice and do other kitchen tasks and are made of „the white gold” are still an insider's tip.

Non-slip porcelain for kitchen, stove-top and oven

The special KAHLA porcelain cookware also has a very special name: Magic Grip. Behind this name is an innovative surface technology that makes KAHLA porcelain even more fit for everyday use. All porcelain items rest on an integrated silicone foot. It prevents slipping, clattering and scratching. In short: it makes kitchen tasks and serving easier and protects the ears and furniture. Ovenproof baking and casserole dishes have a Magic Grip-application in black; all other dishes have a transparent silicone foot. The Magic Grip Kitchen selection includes classic and functional porcelain items for cooking, baking and preparing food. They come from the Five Senses and Update series. In addition to baking pans, the wide selection also includes casserole, soufflé and gratin dishes. They do not slip when kneading, mixing or pouring dough and are also easier to hold when serving. Other examples from the Magic Grip Kitchen line can be found with our jugs, salad bowls, sauce boats and dipping dishes. Furthermore, Magic Grip is also available for the festive table and for kids.