Well-designed baking and casserole dishes by KAHLA

When things heat up in the kitchen, the sturdy ovenproof KAHLA casserole, gratin and baking dishes are at the ready. Whether round, oval or rectangular: they are perfect for everything that is baked, oven-braised or cooked „au gratin” at up to 280 °C. Besides large dishes for several servings, such as for lasagne, rice casserole or Salzburger Nockerl, there are heat-resistant dishes in many other sizes and in exciting designs. This includes small gratin dishes or the versatile miniature baking tin. Together with a matching coaster it can be quickly transformed into a simple porcelain rechaud – a typical example for KAHLA’s exciting multi-purpose porcelain concepts.

Baking and casserole dishes by KAHLA - hygienic, convenient, good

Well-designed dishes made of white hard-paste porcelain are ideal for baking and gratinating for many reasons. The traditional material ensures a quick and even heat distribution. This way casseroles, gratins, cakes and bread are browned evenly, develop a nice crust over their entire surface and are baked through. Thanks to their flawlessly smooth inner surfaces, all KAHLA porcelain dishes can be cleaned easily. They thereby meet the highest hygiene standards. Like all white hard-paste porcelain manufactured by KAHLA, they are food-safe, microwaveable, salamander grill-safe and dishwasher-safe.

For preparing, serving or freezing

Cooks and chefs love the practical KAHLA porcelain dishes, but primarily also for their simple elegance. Even at the festive dinner table, all food can be served right away – without the need for an additional serving platter – straight from the porcelain dish. Pretty smart, the environmentally-friendly KAHLA porcelain.