Ingenious and simple: Juicing with KAHLA porcelain

If life gives you lemons ... or limes or oranges: a KAHLA citrus juicer will juice them to perfection and in the most stylish way. It is made of durable hard-paste porcelain which allows a quick and easy juicing of fruit by hand. The high rim of the juice groove securely catches the seeds and the juice flows down into a second porcelain compartment below. The minimalist KAHLA citrus juicer can be quickly cleaned under running water, but is also dishwasher-safe.

All citrus juicers by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Citrus juicers for every taste

KAHLA offers different options for juicers. With the Magic Grip citrus juicer we have upgraded grandma's traditional juicer. With its sturdy, robust design the „good, old times” come to life again. The porcelain juicer can be combined with the Magic Grip mini-jug, which can hold and serve up to 0.5 litres of juice. This way, together they become a 2-piece set. Thanks to the ground-breaking integrated Magic Grip silicone foot, both the juicer as well as the jug from the Five Senses series are as easy to use as never before. The silicone foot adds slip-resistance and ensures that citrus fruit can be juiced faster and easier. Of course the stylish, small jug can also be used separately to serve milk, sauces and much more. Another multi-purpose design concept for citrus fruit is Apparatus from the Atelier series. The 3-piece all-rounder includes a citrus slice juicer with a collection reservoir as well as a versatile porcelain grater for nutmeg, horseradish or garlic.

The ideal companion for organic lemons

If you value quality and sustainability, KAHLA porcelain will surely impress you. For all of our products are made according to the strict standards of the "KAHLA pro Eco" strategy. We thereby guarantee a resource-conserving production in Germany and compliance with the highest quality standards. Our porcelain periodically undergoes strict internal as well as independent external controls. And by participating in design contests, our multi-award winning design keeps competing with state-of-the-art domestic and international product design.