Salt, pepper and spices in the shaker or the bottle

The KAHLA product range includes designer salt cellars and pepper pots in a variety of designs. One time they impress with their simple, timeless elegance such as Aronda, another time they surprise with their visionary, unusual design, like the spice jars from the Elixyr or Tao series. And lovers of the traditional dining culture will appreciate the salt cellars and pepper pots from the Blau Saks series or with the traditional Onion Pattern.

Smart spice jars by KAHLA preserve the aroma

Out of tradition, it is popular to store aromatic spices in porcelain jars. That way they are stored in a hygienic environment, do not absorb foreign odours and are also protected from light.  Experts know that these are important conditions for preserving flavour. Furthermore, in the one-of-a-kind KAHLA spice jars, a cork provides an almost airtight seal. 

Create your own exclusive designer spice jar set

Whether dried herbs, whole or ground spices, vinegar or oil: the large and small spice bottles from the Five Senses series make portioning easy. Combine the versatile small bottles with salt and pepper shakers as desired, select one of the beautiful KAHLA platters to match: and voilá, you have a custom-made spice jar set to dress and season salads, antipasti and more right at the table. For an exceptionally fancy „spice jar”, may we recommend the modern Sugar loaf from the same series, which is also available with the velvety touch! coating in red and black. Perfect for serving different flavoured salts, spice mixes, sauces and marinades in an appealing and stylish way. An aesthetic highlight and a great gift for gourmets who value quality.

Sustainability through environmental responsibility, versatility and durability

Brand porcelain by KAHLA is sustainable in three ways: firstly, from an ecologically responsible production to transport and packaging of our products, we show our commitment to the environment and to sustainability and fair working conditions.  Furthermore, our multi-award winning, smart design ensures that KAHLA porcelain can be used for a variety of applications: the rechaud for example, which is not used as frequently can also serve as a small baking dish and a coaster. The Sugar loaf can be used for an Asian marinade one day, and for jam or sugar the next day. And finally, sustainability of course also means durability – a property inherent to our impact-resistant and scratch-proof porcelain.