Café au lait is a German classic. Due to its high milk content and relatively low coffee content it is considered easy on the stomach and filling at the same time. The recipe is very easy because you simply mix equal parts of filter coffee and warm milk. Whole milk is just as popular as the somewhat skinnier low-fat version. Condensed milk on the other hand is an absolute "no go". Usually, café au lait is served without much ado, but because of the prettier look, these days many bars and cafés serve it with a frothy hood. At home, you may serve the hot milk in an extra milk jug or a creamer. Also perfect for kids who want to create their own hot cocoa.

What makes a perfect café au lait cup?

The right cup for the German original is a generously-sized cup or a coffee mug. Those of you who want to add a little French „savoir vivre“ to their café au lait, serve it in a café au lait bowl. This is particularly recommended if you like to dip your croissant into the café au lait as is customary at breakfast in France. Of course you can also use one of the many multi-purpose bowls from KAHLA. Tip: The velvety touch! series is particularly well suited as its textile surface serves as a thermal insulator. This way, hot beverages can be held comfortably in the hand – even without a handle.

Caution! Danger of confusion: a café au lait is not a macchiato

Do not confuse the German café au lait with the Italian latte macchiato, which is served in a glass or a special macchiato mug. Instead of filter coffee, it is prepared with two shots of espresso, which are added to the frothed hot milk. This creates the characteristic, pretty layering. If you do it the other way around – and add hot milk to the doppio – you create what is known as "caffé latte" in Italy and „café con leche“ in Spain.