In the past years, cappuccino has experienced an unparalleled rise. Today, it is one of the favourite beverages in Germany and many other countries in the Western world. While in its home country – Italy – it accompanies brioche or cornetto at breakfast, in other parts of the world people enjoy it at any time of the day. For cappuccino always stands for a little indulgence out of the ordinary – for a little bit of dolce far niente – sweet idleness – in everyday life.

Delicious "hood"

The special moment when enjoying a cappuccino comes of course is its creamy layer of milk froth, which gave it its name. Cappuccino is Italian for "hood". Baristas know how to artfully decorate it with just a few flicks of the wrist by working the coffee underneath into the milk froth. But also for those of us unskilled in the art of coffee, there are beautiful ways for decoration. Cappuccino stencils can be used to create decorations with cocoa or cinnamon within seconds. Tip: Sprinkle a little sugar on top of the froth to prevent the oils in the cocoa from destroying the fine pores.

How big is a cappuccino cup?

A true Italian cappuccino is not very large. It is sufficient for a cappuccino cup to hold 120 millilitres at least. But you should have additional room for the milk froth on top. A new trend, which came to German-speaking countries from the USA in particular, is the cappuccino grande, which KAHLA accommodates with its international cups. For aficionados of XL options, we recommend our café au lait items. To serve cappuccino in proper style, it is served in a pre-heated porcelain cup. Ceramics will do at a pinch, but never glass.

Cappuccino tastes even better from designer cups

Each KAHLA cappuccino cup is a designer piece that was created and devised with great love for detail by our designers. You can feel this quality every time you lift the cup with your hands and bring it to your lips as high-quality porcelain such as KAHLA porcelain is a pleasure for all senses. For special moments, the high-quality KAHLA cappuccino cups are not only available in white. Almost all styles also come in pastel or bright colours and beautiful décors.