Whether brunch or big dessert buffet, birthday party or just a chat with the neighbour over coffee: coffee cups accompany life in its most beautiful moments. Those moment of enjoyment, of short or longer breaks from everyday life - alone or with another person or with many dear guests at a lively gathering.  The classic coffee cup, which holds around 125 millilitres, is perfect for classic filter coffee, but also for the so-called lungo, an Italian coffee beverage. Topped with a bit of creamer, a layer of milk froth or a dollop of whipped cream, it caters to every guest's taste. But KAHLA also offers beautiful large coffee cups that can hold up to 400 millilitres.

Assemble your own coffee set

Coffee cups prefer company. At KAHLA, you can assemble a classic coffee service according to your very own taste.  Just select a set of six coffee cups with saucers and dessert plates each from a KAHLA series that you like. Complement your set with a sugar bowl, milk jug or teapot warmer, as needed. Small bowls for whipped cream or biscuits, and round or oblong platters for cakes and tarts complete the festive coffee table. Or perhaps you would like a tiered stand for chocolates, confections and cookies?

Decorating tip: modern mix for heirlooms

With KAHLA porcelain, anything goes. Trend setters like to mix coffee cups from different KAHLA collections. Or they add colour with individual pieces from other porcelain series. Very trendy at the moment is the mix of traditional blue-white tableware such as Blau Saks or Onion Pattern with various tones of blue and turquoise from, for example, the Pronto series. Try it yourself. Combine new pieces, heirlooms and flea market finds and turn your afternoon coffee time into a new experience every time you lay the table.

Coffee cups for every day

With KAHLA porcelain, the special coffee service is not reserved for Sundays anymore. Enjoy it on holidays as well as at any day of the week. Because like all other KAHLA products, KAHLA coffee cups are made from durable, pure white hard-paste porcelain. It is extremely impact-resistant and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher as often as you like. KAHLA cups are also suited for heating in the microwave and can even withstand oven temperatures of up to 280 °C. Our coloured coffee cups and those with décors are dishwasher-safe. With KAHLA porcelain, even cups and mugs with gold décor can go in the dishwasher.