Jogi Löw is probably one of the very few people who talk about wanting to have "a nice, relaxing cup of espresso" (after the Football World Cup group match Germany against USA, 2014). For most of us, the black little drink means a quick energy boost. You would have one at the bar and finish it quickly at the counter. Or you have one at the end of a sumptuous lunch or dinner. The small espresso cups hold a lot of flavour and - for those who like it - also sweetness. Because most espresso drinkers like to add a spoonful of sugar to their cup.

From Italy into the whole world

In the past years, espresso from Italy has taken the world by storm. So, when serving the cult beverage in style, people also look to the peninsula as example.  There, the thick walled espresso cup is very common. Its thick body helps to protect small volumes of just 0.03 to 0.1 litres from getting cold. Those looking for that classic Italian espresso cup, will find its closest relative in KAHLA Pronto. The robust, slightly thicker porcelain body evokes a Mediterranean atmosphere. All Pronto items are available in numerous colours, such as sunny yellow, or the blue and turquoise of the Adriatic Sea. This allows you to customise your espresso cup set according to your very own taste.

Recommendation: KAHLA’s best espresso cups

What makes a perfect espresso cup? This question was explored by KAHLA designer Barbara Schmidt together with Michael Gliss, Germany's first coffee sommelier. In collaboration with baristas, they developed the Café Sommelier espresso cup and doppio cup. The goal was to bring together the features of the best espresso cups and create an optimal design. It was a success, as acknowledged by prestigious design awards. A prominent feature of the Café Sommelier espresso cups is their egg-shaped inside surface. It supports the formation and stability of the crema. This finely pored, hazelnut-brown foam adds the final touch to every well-made espresso. The walls of the Café Sommelier cups are thick and insulating at the part of the cup that holds the beverage. They taper towards the cup rim for a pleasant drinking experience. Equally well-thought-out is the accompanying saucer with its asymmetrical rim, which has plenty of room for sugar packets, amarettini, espresso spoon or a chocolate-covered coffee bean. 

Small statement for grand style

Espresso cups also make a wonderful gift that shows confident style and taste. Together with ground Arabica or with whole coffee beans from a fine roast and selected chocolates it quickly becomes a small present for her or him. With KAHLA porcelain, you can find cups in vintage look and timeless, modern or unusual designs. Great individual pieces can also be found in our KAHLA touch! and KAHLA Atelier collections. We invite you to browse through our product range.