Wait and see and have a tea: That is the recipe for peace and serenity at the right moment. Regardless whether black, green or white tea, herbal or fruit infusions: one or two cups of the hot beverage always help you unwind and make the world appear in a slightly different light. 

Tea cups around the world

Tea has a tradition in many countries:  China and Japan have their tea ceremonies; it is impossible to imagine the Arab world without its sweetened strong mint tea and also in Europe, tea has a rich tradition that goes beyond Great Britain. The vessels tea is served in are equally diverse around the world. While in Asia tea is served commonly in small tea cups without handles, the Western world prefers tea cups or tea mugs. The tea cup is shallower than the German coffee cup and usually has a slightly larger diameter. For the flavour to optimally develop, tea connoisseurs appreciate a perfectly smooth inner surface and a thin cup rim. KAHLA offers a wide selection of high-quality cups for your favourite beverage – whether extra-large or extra delicate tea cup, well-balanced round shape or unique design.

Tea bag or loose leaves?

According to the proper English way, loose tea leaves are steeped in boiling water in a tea pot and strained after a certain brewing time. But for a quick cup, the convenient tea bag has become popular. For a long time, tea bags had the reputation of containing tea of lesser quality, but today numerous tea vendors also offer high-quality tea in individual serving sizes. For this "tea on demand", young designer Lisa Grahner designed a special solution that can be found in the KAHLA Atelier collection. Her tea mugs have a small slit in the cup rim. It prevents the tea bag tag and string from slipping into the cup. A unique gift idea because not many tea drinkers have a designer cup like that!

Cups for vegetarians and vegans

Is my cup truly vegan? All tea drinkers who value life without any animal products should ask this question as tea cups are often made from bone china, a particularly delicate, translucent type of porcelain. Bone china indicates that bone ash is added to the porcelain clay as a flux. For that matter, KAHLA only makes hard-paste porcelain, which consists of kaolin, feldspar and quartz to 100%. The „KAHLA pro Eco“ seal vouches for an environmentally friendly and socially responsible production. Particularly noteworthy in this context are the tea cups and teapots from the TAO wellness collection, which received many awards including the Green Good Design Award 2010 Chicago and the Top Hotel Star Award 2009 Silver in the Sustainability category.